Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great Day!

Today, after over a month of asking, hubby finally put up my clothes line. He protested because the only place for it is in our front yard but to be honest... who cares??? It will save on electric AND our clothes will smell divine. I washed all of our bedding and hung it out. It was so warm and the wind was whipping so they sheets were dry in only fifteen minutes!

My bed smells heavenly! Since I did all of the blankets my room now smells great too!!! I wanted to do my towels and hang them for overnight as the dew makes them soft but we are supposed to get some storms overnight so I didn't do that.

We had our bourbon chicken for dinner and it was good. Hubby loves it. It's not a fav of mine but I make it since him and the kids enjoy it. Emily made some chocolate chip muffins. She wanted to buy some in the store but t hey were SO expensive I told her she could make twice as many for about half the cost. She said "wow mom these taste better than the boxed ones!"

I also took down the bathroom window curtain and washed and hung it out. I replaced the mini blind that is in there and half an hour later got the curtain off the line and put it back up.

I enjoyed my day at home puttering around. I wish I could get more done during the week but my "helpers" aren't around. Until after baby is born I am not supposed to be lifting and tugging at things so they have to do my toting. Aiden will arrive soon though so I should be able to get back to doing more on my own.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A busy Friday

Today we tackled a few more cupboards.

I did a couple loads of laundry. About 4 we headed out grocery shopping. Not the best time to do it but it got done. I spent the afternoon planning my menu for the upcoming week and making a shopping list and seeing if I had coupons for any items.

Much of my shopping was done at Save A Lot. Cart load of groceries 64.00. We hit the Meritta bread outlet where you can get three loaves of bread for 2.97. (the cost of one loaf at the local supermarket). I picked up six loaves of white bread, four loaves of wheat, 2 loaves of cinnamon raisin at $1.-- each! Our total savings on bread alone was about 46 bucks! I freeze the bread and we use it over the next 3-4 weeks. I stocked up on some whole chickens at Winn Dixie for .79 / pound.

On my menu this week:

Tomorrow: Bourbon Chicken w/rice
Sunday: Turkey/Rice/Gravy/Stuffing/veggies
Monday: Chicken Enchiladas(my 1st attempt but a recipe passed on by a friend)
Tuesday: Homemade noodles with beef
Wednesday: Pan Fried Fish
Thursday: Leftover night (since we have meeting this works out best)
Friday: Shake and bake Pork Chops

Friday is usually my shopping day so by next Friday I will have my list and menu ready again. My goal is to eventually be able to shop monthly only.

I have been watching on youtube great videos by "America's cheapest family" and I have their book on order. They feed a family of 7 on $350 bucks a month!!'s+cheapest+family&aq=0&oq=america's+cheap
You can go to that link to see some of the great money saving ideas. Since I want to be a stay at home mom full time my goal is to save as much as I can so we can make that happen. I have begun to get the paper and clip coupons. I am looking into getting coupons online also.

Last week I joined a site

You get paid to look at sites... it isn't much and each week it's different. But last week in 20 min. I eared 4.14! It was deposited today, as promised, into my paypal account. That money i can use to purchase bulk amounts of coupons. This week I only had .79 available but I took 2 min, looked at the sites, and earned it. Every little bit helps!

Well, I have taken my meds and it's time to crawl in bed. Hubby is supposed to put up some clothes line for me tomorrow so I can wash our bedding and hang it. Another way to save on electric...hanging out the clothes. Since my pregnancy is getting close to the end I won't be able to do ALL of it hanging out till after the baby is born and I am recovered but since I will have helpers here tomorrow (hubby and kids) they can tote it to the line for me.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Now, quit humming the song.  You know you are!

It is such a nice day here in FL.  About 72 and breezy.  Big poofy clouds in a beautiful blue sky.  It hasn’t even been too bad having to set here and wait on Lew for FOUR hours!  I admit, for an hour and a half I laid in the back seat of the van and semi-napped.

We have hot weather  in the forecast for the weekend so this enjoyable stuff is soon to be gone. 

I still have quite a few organizational projects to do around the house before baby arrives.  I am going to try and get several accomplished this weekend.  Cleaning out more cupboards and drawers are the main things on the list.  I also have to work on my menu planning and shopping list.  A few years ago I had two months in advance completed and would rotate them and it worked great.  I want to get back to being able to be that prepared again.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One of the best weekends in a long time

The weather was absolutely perfect!  If I could find a place that the weather was like this year around I would pack tomorrow and head there.  It was about 70 and breezy and sunny.

We were supposed to head to our grandkids'  t-ball game yesterday  but hubby woke up with an upset stomach that had him running for the  bathroom frequently.  Since it is about an hour and half t0 two hour drive we didn't find that a good idea.  Our daughter posted some great pictures on her myspace for us to see and told us the funny stories of their "plays". 

We hung around the house and puttered.  I got my desk cleaned off.  My coupon binder now has coupons in it. 

Here is a photo of my desk area.  You can see to the left that Aiden's crib is also in the room.  Our master bedroom is now an office, master bedroom and nursery all in one. 




You can see I was busy today catching up on reading favorite blogs.  The one on my screen is Copperswife from Xanga. Her posts inspire me, and many times are very calming and relaxing to read. 

Today I have been organizing here and there.  I took out all the cereal from the cereal cupboard.  Old stuff that had been there awhile got pitched.  New stuff I took out of the boxes to save space.   I used a clip on the top of open ones and each new one got a clip clips

on the top of the bag in order for them to know how to close it when they open it.   I used the extra clips from my office supplies instead of having to purchase "bag clips".  I love re purposing things.   I labeled each back with a sharpie then I made a list of what is in the cupboard to hang on the door.

The nesting instinct seems to be kicking in once again.  I have so many organization ideas floating in my head that I want done yesterday!  I just want things in order and ready when Aiden arrives so there won't be mass confusion when we add a baby to our already busy household.

Yesterday I did get all of our laundry washed, dried and put away.  I have yet to get hubby to put up my clothes line.  He doesn't want it in the front yard and the back yard is NOT the place for it as the dogs are out there a lot.  Basically I want a place to dry my towels and blankets to get the good fresh air and save us a bit on electricity this summer.   Our bill always rises in the summer because of the air conditioning.  We like a cooler house but we hate having the big bill! 

Tomorrow's agenda is to organize another cupboard and maybe hubby's tools that have taken over a buffet that is tucked under a bar in our living room.  If I can get them all out of there it will free up more space for baby things.  :) 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Week Closer

This week has been enjoyable.

My son didn't have classes so I have not been on the road. I have had the chance to sleep in as much as I want. Those days will soon be few and far between when Aiden arrives.

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment. I found out I do have gestational diabetes but she said I am doing a great job controlling it by my diet. My iron is still low but has went up 1 1/2 points so it is headed in the right direction. I was, at the time of my appointment, 30 1/2 weeks but baby was measuring 33 weeks. She will keep an eye on his growth. I may get to meet my new son closer to the beginning of May than the end.

Today I had contractions for over two hours and only a warm bath finally seemed to help slow them down. Hubby noticed when he came home from work on Thursday that I have "dropped" or should I say Aiden has "dropped". Now I shall just pray that he is head down. At the last ultrasound at 28 weeks he was butt first but I was told he had plenty of time to move.

I completed my coupon binder today.

We did our grocery shopping for the week at Aldis. Cart load of groceries for 76.77. Gotta love Aldis. We did spend 20.00 at the produce stand/farmer's market on fresh veggies. I think the walking added to me getting the bout of contractions.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Cross City for a T ball game. Our seven year old grand daughter and four year old grandson are playing for the first time. Their team name is "the peanuts".

I'll post pictures once I am home and recovered. Thankfully it's supposed to be nice and breezy and not too hot.

Monday, March 16, 2009

So darn tired! My mom's health update

Nine weeks left to go in this pregnancy and I feel like I did at the beginning. Totally exhausted. Sleep is all I am craving. Hours upon blissful hours of sleep. I slept till 10 this a.m. Got up, ate and went back to bed. My son is on spring break so I could do that.

My iron is low and this leads to fatigue. Aiden is growing bigger daily and carrying his active little self around leads to fatigue. Him being active leads to broken sleep which leads to fatigue. Having to "P" every other minute leads to fatigue.

I have every reason to be fatigued but tons of reasons I don't want to be. There is so much I want to get done. I want to get our finances in order, get my menu planning back in order, inventory the pantry and clean out the cupboards. All great ambitions but will I be able to get them done?

The joys of being almost 40 and pregnant are beginning to add up!

My mom was set to go in the beginning of May to start dialysis. Now they are doing emergency procedures sometime this week to insert a port in her chest so she can begin ASAP. Things are not looking good. They live in NY. I am in FL. I worry if something happens I will not be able to make it up there to her. Another worry and stress I don't need right now. I shall keep praying that things improve. Maybe her starting early will stabilize everything else that is going on and she will be able to make it down in May to meet her new grandson and see her other grandson graduate.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where I've Been...

My daughter is moving this weekend.  So, yesterday and today we have been helping.  Well, everyone has been moving her and I have been spoiling my grandson and watching the others lift and heave on things.  I quite enjoy that!  :)   

So, she moved to a smaller place and said mom can we switch desks.  Well, mine was a tiny corner desk and hers a huge corner "L" desk in cherry which matches the crib and dressers in my room... so..... I started trying to figure out if it would fit.  We got it to fit and I LOVE it.  However,  the two drawer file cabinet she wasn't using but told us fit UNDER the desk does NOT fit under it... so now I have this weird configeration in my room but it will have to do for a couple years until Aiden out grows his crib and moves to share the room with his brother.  (if his brother hasn't flown the coup like the other kids have since he is 18 now).

Found out from doc that baby will be big and I may be induced earlier to help avoid complications from a large baby.  Also found I am borderline gestational diabetes so I am having to track my a.m. blood sugars.  They are a bit higher than they should be but not MAJOR.  Now I have to crack down on what I am eating even more so.

I don't have long left to go.  I can barely wait to meet our new son.  :)  Never did I ever imagine we would be so blessed at this point in our lives and although I know tons of sleep deprevation probably awaits it will all be worth it.  :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yet another interesting week....

Maybe March will be better???

Daughter finally got out of hospital but still has the blood clot in her leg.  She has to give herself 2 shots of blood thinner a day and is on crutches because of the pain in her leg.

My grandson had appeared to be recovering but on Thursday took a turn for the worse again and ended up back at the ER.  Pneumonia had cleared up in the one lung but was started in the other one.  UGH!

Late Friday night I was lying in bed (only for brief times because of having to P so much!)  my son was doing laundry and I started hearing gurgaling.  The septic is backed up~~~~!!  

We called the landlord Sat. a.m. (hubby and son ended up having to disconnect drains under the house to the tubs to empty the yuck out of the tubs).  When we called the land lord we found out...he was out of town till today.  So, we have been unable to do our laundry.  We try not to make frequent trips to the potty (try that when you are seven months pregnant).  It makes for a miserable weekend.

Tomorrow a.m. I have to call the septic people and find out if they will let the landlord charge to his card and come pump out the tank.  If they won't I guess I will have to find another reputiable one that will.  He wants it charged to his card instead of us paying and them taking it out of our rent.  I think this will end up being expensive as last time they came about six months ago they said the drain field was not working properly.

I go to the doc on Tuesday at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I should find out some test results and find out if they will change my due date.  The last ultrasound showed baby was quite a bit larger than he should be at 27 1/2 weeks so we will see if she moves it up or just goes with the original date.  Looks like he may be a big baby like his brother.  (my son was 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 1/2 inches long).

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