Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Week Closer

This week has been enjoyable.

My son didn't have classes so I have not been on the road. I have had the chance to sleep in as much as I want. Those days will soon be few and far between when Aiden arrives.

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment. I found out I do have gestational diabetes but she said I am doing a great job controlling it by my diet. My iron is still low but has went up 1 1/2 points so it is headed in the right direction. I was, at the time of my appointment, 30 1/2 weeks but baby was measuring 33 weeks. She will keep an eye on his growth. I may get to meet my new son closer to the beginning of May than the end.

Today I had contractions for over two hours and only a warm bath finally seemed to help slow them down. Hubby noticed when he came home from work on Thursday that I have "dropped" or should I say Aiden has "dropped". Now I shall just pray that he is head down. At the last ultrasound at 28 weeks he was butt first but I was told he had plenty of time to move.

I completed my coupon binder today.

We did our grocery shopping for the week at Aldis. Cart load of groceries for 76.77. Gotta love Aldis. We did spend 20.00 at the produce stand/farmer's market on fresh veggies. I think the walking added to me getting the bout of contractions.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Cross City for a T ball game. Our seven year old grand daughter and four year old grandson are playing for the first time. Their team name is "the peanuts".

I'll post pictures once I am home and recovered. Thankfully it's supposed to be nice and breezy and not too hot.

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