Sunday, March 22, 2009

One of the best weekends in a long time

The weather was absolutely perfect!  If I could find a place that the weather was like this year around I would pack tomorrow and head there.  It was about 70 and breezy and sunny.

We were supposed to head to our grandkids'  t-ball game yesterday  but hubby woke up with an upset stomach that had him running for the  bathroom frequently.  Since it is about an hour and half t0 two hour drive we didn't find that a good idea.  Our daughter posted some great pictures on her myspace for us to see and told us the funny stories of their "plays". 

We hung around the house and puttered.  I got my desk cleaned off.  My coupon binder now has coupons in it. 

Here is a photo of my desk area.  You can see to the left that Aiden's crib is also in the room.  Our master bedroom is now an office, master bedroom and nursery all in one. 




You can see I was busy today catching up on reading favorite blogs.  The one on my screen is Copperswife from Xanga. Her posts inspire me, and many times are very calming and relaxing to read. 

Today I have been organizing here and there.  I took out all the cereal from the cereal cupboard.  Old stuff that had been there awhile got pitched.  New stuff I took out of the boxes to save space.   I used a clip on the top of open ones and each new one got a clip clips

on the top of the bag in order for them to know how to close it when they open it.   I used the extra clips from my office supplies instead of having to purchase "bag clips".  I love re purposing things.   I labeled each back with a sharpie then I made a list of what is in the cupboard to hang on the door.

The nesting instinct seems to be kicking in once again.  I have so many organization ideas floating in my head that I want done yesterday!  I just want things in order and ready when Aiden arrives so there won't be mass confusion when we add a baby to our already busy household.

Yesterday I did get all of our laundry washed, dried and put away.  I have yet to get hubby to put up my clothes line.  He doesn't want it in the front yard and the back yard is NOT the place for it as the dogs are out there a lot.  Basically I want a place to dry my towels and blankets to get the good fresh air and save us a bit on electricity this summer.   Our bill always rises in the summer because of the air conditioning.  We like a cooler house but we hate having the big bill! 

Tomorrow's agenda is to organize another cupboard and maybe hubby's tools that have taken over a buffet that is tucked under a bar in our living room.  If I can get them all out of there it will free up more space for baby things.  :) 

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