Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yet another interesting week....

Maybe March will be better???

Daughter finally got out of hospital but still has the blood clot in her leg.  She has to give herself 2 shots of blood thinner a day and is on crutches because of the pain in her leg.

My grandson had appeared to be recovering but on Thursday took a turn for the worse again and ended up back at the ER.  Pneumonia had cleared up in the one lung but was started in the other one.  UGH!

Late Friday night I was lying in bed (only for brief times because of having to P so much!)  my son was doing laundry and I started hearing gurgaling.  The septic is backed up~~~~!!  

We called the landlord Sat. a.m. (hubby and son ended up having to disconnect drains under the house to the tubs to empty the yuck out of the tubs).  When we called the land lord we found out...he was out of town till today.  So, we have been unable to do our laundry.  We try not to make frequent trips to the potty (try that when you are seven months pregnant).  It makes for a miserable weekend.

Tomorrow a.m. I have to call the septic people and find out if they will let the landlord charge to his card and come pump out the tank.  If they won't I guess I will have to find another reputiable one that will.  He wants it charged to his card instead of us paying and them taking it out of our rent.  I think this will end up being expensive as last time they came about six months ago they said the drain field was not working properly.

I go to the doc on Tuesday at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I should find out some test results and find out if they will change my due date.  The last ultrasound showed baby was quite a bit larger than he should be at 27 1/2 weeks so we will see if she moves it up or just goes with the original date.  Looks like he may be a big baby like his brother.  (my son was 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 1/2 inches long).

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