Saturday, December 14, 2019

Almost 20/20-

To think that in less than three weeks the year 2020 will be here is surreal.

To think that I am about to be grandma to 18 in February is surreal.

It's funny how when we are in high school dreaming of what life will bring out way it is so different than what we ever imagined.

We are still six hours from our older kids and grands. Aiden, our youngest is 10 going on 30 he thinks. 

My husband is now on peritoneal dialysis due to end stage renal failure.  Last year I had endometrial cancer and after my surgeries for that I have somehow developed sensitives to perfume/cologne and chemicals. More than these other things THAT has turned my life upside down.

If I go to a store I wear a mask. Some stores I can not even think of entering anymore.  A favorite to find bargains on clothes has always been Burlington.  No more.  I have to shop online.  Last time in there I had to leave.  Perfume was so strong in there even my mask didn't help.  I grabbed what I needed handed it to my hubby to pay for and went to the car.  Since this is so very new to me I didn't even think about the fact that that article of clothing would be saturated with that scent.  Hubby had to wash it about four times and hang it outside for a few days before I was able to wear that article of clothing.

Going to Kingdom Hall is a struggle.  I wear my mask, however, once everyone is seated and the air/heat kicks on everyone's scents circulate.  Sometimes I can make it a whole meeting.  Many times I can not.  I go to the car and set and call in on the phone to listen in.  I couldn't attend the Memorial .  I had such a bad attack I thought I may end up at the ER.

I had to leave my job of 5 1/2 years as they could not seem to determine a way to accommodate my health issue.  They refused to let me work from home even though that was very feasible and others in the department already were working from home.  

So,  I am looking for work from home.  

That is a brief catch up on life. 

My goal is to move to posting more often.  Sharing things I enjoy like digital planning, our family worship, my personal Bible study routines, baking and cooking, recipes and the list continues.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


My uncalendar came in the mail.  My filofax flex will be here tomorrow to house my uncalendar.  Looking forward to starting the year organized and ready to go.

Once I have everything ready and in order I'll do a video to share my set up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Blessing and Laughs a Great Teacher Brings

Aiden started kindergarten on Aug 4.   I really didn't want this to happen.  First and foremost he is my "baby".  He isn't supposed to grow up.  Second he is hyper, he is past the "all boy" stage and runs on high octane jet fuel always going.  I knew I would be hearing from his teacher on a regular basis.  I knew it wasn't going to be all sunshine and roses from her.  

What I didn't know, however,  that our emails back and forth would make me laugh out loud.  I have been reading some to my best friend and she keeps telling me "you have to post these on facebook!"   I decided I'd put a blog post together to share these little nuggets of wisdom.... laugh with me people.  This woman has taught kindergarten for 17 years.  She assures me she has seen much worse... poor woman.  

We shall call his teacher Mrs. K   ....  School started Aug 4.   Email 1- Aug 6

"Aidan is such a sweet kid.  He does like to play a good bit, but we talked about it today and hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I am also changing his seating in the room which I think will help.   ...  I hope Aidan still enjoys kindergarten, even though he missed some of his recess today!  He really is a good kid! -  Mrs. K "
This wasn't too bad.  There was a note in his folder that he wouldn't sit still and wanted to "play" too much.   To be expected of a 5 year old that didn't go to pre-k.   I emailed her back and assured her we also addressed his behavior with him and that I appreciated her keeping in contact with me.  I love that she does this.  I next hear from her at the end of day 3.

"Thank you for the support.  It makes my job easier when the parents are supportive.  Aiden really is a good student and is doing very well.  He does have a tendency to be slightly active, but so far it is manageable.  I have relocated him in the classroom to a different table.  He is now sitting between two of my “calmer” students.  Hopefully, they will have a positive influence on him.  We are all in the process  of adjusting! 
Have a great day!"
Not all that funny you say.... just hang on... On day five he comes home with his brand new glasses scratched all to heck.  So I email her and let her know that he isn't wearing them the next a.m. and why.  I didn't want her searching everywhere for them.  She emails me back that  "I made sure they were on his face when he got on the bus"  

We make it to the end of August... almost...  a few days "on yellow"   a couple "red days" but mostly green.   I then receive this.

"Good afternoon, 
Aiden had another rough day.  He came in this morning full of energy, so I spoke to him about trying really hard to stay on green today.  I sat him at my table to do his work, but he got up during the math activity and pinched a child.  Then he proceeded to put his hands around a girls neck while walking to lunch.  He sat at the silent table for lunch and missed his recess.  I’m not sure what provoked him for either incident.  He could not give me a reason for doing it.  I have isolated him as much as possible.  He is very sweet and has good intentions, but very impulsive.  He talked and played all during naptime.  I’m not sure how tired he will be when he gets home, but I know how tired I am!  However, I will get a good night’s rest and be ready for round 2 tomorrowJ 
Hope you have a good afternoon!"
This is when I know how this woman has taught for 17 years... she keeps a sense of humor!!   We AGAIN talk to Aiden.  Explain about keeping his hands to himself, about obedience, and not disturbing class.  I emailed her and let her know that we had spoke with him again.   I get this the next day:

"Aiden is really a good student and he tries really hard.  I appreciate you also taking the time to work with me to help Aiden do his best.  He is a bundle of energy, but I have dealt with a lot worse. It also doesn't help that he is so darn cute! Since the silent table is near the teacher table, he kept staring at me during lunch yesterday.  I couldn’t help but feel guilty and it was not good for my digestion!  Therefore, we are going to work extra hard today to be good.  I have already re-positioned him in the classroom, so we shall see! I will let you know this afternoon how his day went. " 
 So, after two days on red I get this awesome email at the end of the next day...before he had even gotten home on the bus.

"He got GREEN today!!  He worked really hard today and I am so proud of him!"
On Monday he bounded out of bed at 10 minutes after 5... yes A.M.  It was like he was possessed by tigger.   He was running all over the house, mouth going a mile a minute.  I wrote her an email (as she usually reads them first thing in the a.m.) 

 Subject Line:  FAIR WARNING:
 - my message to her read:  
Aiden bounded out of bed with the energy of 10 cheetah cubs this a.m.   I wish sleep had that affect on me!   Hope he has calmed by the time he gets to you.  Have a great day.
At the end of the day as I was walking to my car...I notice an email on my phone from her.... I pop it open and begin to read as I am walking....  and by the time I get to my car I am laughing so hard.... 

Thanks for warning, but I read this a little too late! He has been at full speed all day!! If only we had a ¼ of his energy.  He did get on yellow today for playing in the restroom.  He was putting his hand in the toilet while another student was flushing it.  Of course, no logical reason was given.  I sanitized his hands, told him how nasty that was and if he did it again his hand might fall off (not sure he believed me).  The things they do for entertainment! 
And so it begins folks....   

Thursday, August 7, 2014

And So It Begins.....

Our youngest and last child has started school.
How is that possible?
Getting on the school bus on Monday he was so very excited...

His first task... color the picture and and attempt to write his name on the paper.
 He went right to work...

He looked so cute in his new glasses that made in the mail on Friday just in time for the start of school.  Today is day four.  They are all scratched up!  

I know boys will be boys and all of that.... but seriously? 

When we asked how they got scratched....   "someone on the bus stepped on them" 
When we can afford another pair (yes I use which saves a ton but on one income another 30 bucks is just not feasible again so soon) the next pair I will glue to his face I guess... 

 I shouldn't have blinked....

Friday, July 11, 2014

Some favorite pics

Throwing in some favorite pics.  I need to ad more.  After all, in December a new grandson joined up, Bryce Wayne.  We also have another grandson that will join our family this coming November... 

Our lil guy will start kindergarten next month!

Exercising the hounds to prepare for a hunt.

one of those panorama photo glitches that are humorous.  It is actually a small three there... but all the photo shows in one branch... floating....

Love these pics I got of the "super" moon...  they  were worth the mosquito bites. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

No Title... I'm not that witty today....

Good morning all... long time to write.....

I started my new job at BCBS/WellPoint in July.  Training has been intense, to say the least, and just now getting to do part of my actual job: answering calls.  That has been stressful as well.  Learning a new job is always stressful, learning one that has so much information is even more so.  In a year or so I hope to have all this info in my head that just pours out when I need it, right now most calls I have to reach out for a little extra help to find the answer but that keeps us humble.

Many times in life we try our best to push through things by ourselves.  We never ASK anyone for help; we don't let others know we are having struggles... the Bible teaches we should be humble.  From Insight on the Scriptures Published by the Watchtower Bible Tract Society there is this about the word humility:
A person can achieve a state of humility by reasoning on his relationship to God and to his fellowmen, as outlined in the Bible, and then practicing the principles learned. A Hebrew word, hith·rap·pes′, translated “humble yourself,” means, literally, “stamp yourself down.” It well expresses the action described by the wise writer of Proverbs: “My son, if you have gone surety for your fellowman, . . . if you have been ensnared by the sayings of your mouth, . . . you have come into the palm of your fellowman: Go humble yourself [stamp yourself down] and storm your fellowman with importunities. . . . Deliver yourself.” (Pr 6:1-5) In other words, throw away your pride, acknowledge your mistake, set matters straight, and seek forgiveness. Jesus admonished that a person humble himself before God like a child and that, instead of trying to be prominent, he minister to or serve his brothers.—Mt 18:4; 23:12.
  • it-1 pp. 1157-1161
  • Humility
Think about that for a minute.  It is humbling to have to ask for help, even if its a new job where you don't know everything but when we do we are doing what God taught us to do for our best interest.  Now, adding to this, it is in our best interest in ALL things.  If, at a new job, you give your best guess because your pride keeps you from wanting to ask for help and that guess is wrong, you could be out of a job.

Ok, my little side bar is done for now...  had actually hopped on to give a quick update...

My daughter and beautiful grandchildren visited for two weeks.  Loved that they were here.  Had a blast getting to know Rennie (Serenity).  She is my daughters' step daughter who she is in the process of adopting.  We haven't had much opportunity to get to know her as they live in FL and us in GA.  She is a blast to have around.  Of our 11 grandchildren only 4 are girls.  She is such fun.  She is 3 and into all thinks pink and purple and any Princess you can name.  I told her one evening if she went to sleep good I would bring her a surprise home... she yelled "I want a purple ONE!!"   She didn't care what the surprise was, as long as it was purple.

Here are a few photos from our day at the park.

Of course, here is my lil guy getting in on feeding the birds:
     He is four already... time flies.
 My daughter and her "babies"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Rid Yourself Of Facebook Game Notifications With Only a Couple Clicks

So many people complain about game requests.  There are a couple of games I play and sometimes will get rude comments from people about sending them a request.  There is a simple way to turn off these requests so you will not be bothered again.  You will have to do this with each game.

Notice I said game... not PERSON.  So you do a couple clicks for Candy Crush, couple clicks for Farmville, and you are done forever... well at least until next week when a new game is launched. 

First, in your notifications drop down menu find the game request for a game that you don't want to play.

See that little dot I circled right there.... hover over that and you will then see this....

Click Turn Off.

So, that was basically hover click and done!!!  Do this for each game you don't want anything to do with anymore.

Now, if you want to take a few moments and get rid of them all at once.... there is a way.  I will work up a tutorial for that also but not tonight...  there are quite a few steps and I like to be able to give you the screen shots to make it easy.  For now, click do this as they come in on your notifications and you will be game free in no time!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Starts a new work week for me.

A new work week at a new place doing a whole new different job.

It also starts me back at getting up at the crack of dawn after a month of getting to "sleep in" (if you call 7-8 a.m. sleeping in).

Starts me back on a 40 minute one way commute to and from work.

Starts me back to no time to do anything at night but be brain fried.

It's ok.  It's a great blessing.  This job is at a higher rate of pay and offers AFFORDABLE health care after six weeks.

Aiden is begging me not to go back to work and not to make him go back to school.  Oh well, he has a lot of "school" to look forward to.  I am looking into putting him into Pre-K ... not sure about that.  I like that where he is at he is only a mile from his daddy.  If he goes to Pre-K that would bus him he would be close to an hour from where we work.  Checking to see if there is a Pre-K near where we work that he could attend.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Something To Save Money

     Hey ya'll, I'm checking this out and you should too.  With many of the stores offering free shipping or low cost shipping this might be a great thing!  Plus, since I live in the boonies, I'll save on gas if I have the mail man bring it!   Let me know what ya'll think.  I'm headed there now. 

When It Rains... It Pours....

Or in our case...  it floods.

I had had a stiff neck off and on for a couple of weeks.  A week ago Wednesday I awoke with excruciating pain.  Having no insurance I got in a hot shower thinking it would loosen it up and I would take a muscle relaxer also.  By the time I was out of the shower it was WORSE... shooting down my left arm... with my mom's history of heart disease that scared me.

Hubby took me to the ER.  They came back with a diagnosis of a compressed disc in my neck pinching a nerve AND two bone spurs PRESSING on my spinal cord... I need to see a neurosurgeon asap for surgery however since I am uninsured they wouldn't refer me to one as it would be several thousand dollars up front.  It is so great to live in the "greatest country in the world".  They sent me home with pain meds (even though morphine in the ER did NOTHING), a round of steroids, muscle relaxers and three days off from work.   I didn't need to miss work.   We live last pay to to last pay day... you know... you are never quite caught up.  You rob Peter to pay Paul and next month Paul to pay Peter and both of them are seriously upset with your methods.

So, I did some research a few days later and decided to see a chiropractor.  Surprised at the response I got from some people and surprised when I asked to have my films sent over to the chiropractor I was told because it wasn't a medical doctor I would have to pay $25 to get them!!!  THAT is a whole other crappy issue.

So, chiropractor confirmed I have issues.  Could use some decompression therapy ($500 up front for the year... let me get that out of my pocket) however, I will more than likely have to have surgery at some point because the spurs are not going to disappear.  I am having a few adjustments, two more this coming week and one the week after to see if I find any relief in my numb and painful left arm/hand.  If not then I will have to see about getting to a surgeon soon to avoid permanent nerve damage per the chiropractor. 

So... when I go back to work... I am laid off.   They will not fight my unemployment but that hit hard.  My income was the main income for our family.  We barely make it on both our incomes and how we are going to get by on way less.... well  prayer after prayer is going up.  

I am trying to stay positive.  I am taking steps to help my health and our situation.  I started doing T-Tapp.  I will do an entire post on this exercise program soon.  BUT let me say that I have done the exercises three days this week and twice I started them in pain and felt BETTER when I finished.  It is only a 15 minute workout but very effective.  

Another positive step I am taking is getting back into couponing.  Yesterday I realized we were low on toilet paper and laundry soap.  I got  text from Dollar General about a $5 off $25 in cleaning/paper products yesterday only.  So, I pulled up their ad, found out what products were on sale, did a bit of digging on the company websites and coupon blogs to find match up coupons, printed my $5 coupon and when hubby got home from work we ran to Dollar General.

I got:

2 - 6 packs of Sparkle papertowels.  ON SALE $4. ( i printed 2 coupons for $1 each from Clipping 2 Save Making them $3/6 pack or .50/roll.

1 - 15 pack of Scott toilet paper.  ON SALE for $10 (signed up for emails at the Scott site for a $1 printable coupon) making it $9

1 - Bonus size Extra Detergent $5. (had a .75 cent coupon) Making it 4.25

1 - Snuggle Fabric Softner $3

So my pre-tax total was $26.
Minus my $5 Q= $21
Minus my $3.75 = $17.25

My total savings including the sale price: $ 10.75  and I am set on tp, papertowel and laundry soap for probably 2 months or more which saves last minute trips to the super expensive little store a mile from the house.

My next step is to get back to menu planning/couponing for groceries.  That is at the top of my to-do for Monday.

Almost 20/20-

To think that in less than three weeks the year 2020 will be here is surreal. To think that I am about to be grandma to 18 in February is ...