Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great Day!

Today, after over a month of asking, hubby finally put up my clothes line. He protested because the only place for it is in our front yard but to be honest... who cares??? It will save on electric AND our clothes will smell divine. I washed all of our bedding and hung it out. It was so warm and the wind was whipping so they sheets were dry in only fifteen minutes!

My bed smells heavenly! Since I did all of the blankets my room now smells great too!!! I wanted to do my towels and hang them for overnight as the dew makes them soft but we are supposed to get some storms overnight so I didn't do that.

We had our bourbon chicken for dinner and it was good. Hubby loves it. It's not a fav of mine but I make it since him and the kids enjoy it. Emily made some chocolate chip muffins. She wanted to buy some in the store but t hey were SO expensive I told her she could make twice as many for about half the cost. She said "wow mom these taste better than the boxed ones!"

I also took down the bathroom window curtain and washed and hung it out. I replaced the mini blind that is in there and half an hour later got the curtain off the line and put it back up.

I enjoyed my day at home puttering around. I wish I could get more done during the week but my "helpers" aren't around. Until after baby is born I am not supposed to be lifting and tugging at things so they have to do my toting. Aiden will arrive soon though so I should be able to get back to doing more on my own.


  1. Hi there! I was reading the comments on Kim's (Daisy Cottage) blog, and noticed you said you are near Ocala. I grew up in that area... Salt Springs, Orange Springs, Ft. McCoy... went to North Marion High School. Just thought it was neat!

  2. Thanks for visiting MY blog, lol. Yup, I know 4 Corners very well. Too funny that you used to live down here!


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