Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where I've Been...

My daughter is moving this weekend.  So, yesterday and today we have been helping.  Well, everyone has been moving her and I have been spoiling my grandson and watching the others lift and heave on things.  I quite enjoy that!  :)   

So, she moved to a smaller place and said mom can we switch desks.  Well, mine was a tiny corner desk and hers a huge corner "L" desk in cherry which matches the crib and dressers in my room... so..... I started trying to figure out if it would fit.  We got it to fit and I LOVE it.  However,  the two drawer file cabinet she wasn't using but told us fit UNDER the desk does NOT fit under it... so now I have this weird configeration in my room but it will have to do for a couple years until Aiden out grows his crib and moves to share the room with his brother.  (if his brother hasn't flown the coup like the other kids have since he is 18 now).

Found out from doc that baby will be big and I may be induced earlier to help avoid complications from a large baby.  Also found I am borderline gestational diabetes so I am having to track my a.m. blood sugars.  They are a bit higher than they should be but not MAJOR.  Now I have to crack down on what I am eating even more so.

I don't have long left to go.  I can barely wait to meet our new son.  :)  Never did I ever imagine we would be so blessed at this point in our lives and although I know tons of sleep deprevation probably awaits it will all be worth it.  :)

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