Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Now, quit humming the song.  You know you are!

It is such a nice day here in FL.  About 72 and breezy.  Big poofy clouds in a beautiful blue sky.  It hasn’t even been too bad having to set here and wait on Lew for FOUR hours!  I admit, for an hour and a half I laid in the back seat of the van and semi-napped.

We have hot weather  in the forecast for the weekend so this enjoyable stuff is soon to be gone. 

I still have quite a few organizational projects to do around the house before baby arrives.  I am going to try and get several accomplished this weekend.  Cleaning out more cupboards and drawers are the main things on the list.  I also have to work on my menu planning and shopping list.  A few years ago I had two months in advance completed and would rotate them and it worked great.  I want to get back to being able to be that prepared again.

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