Friday, March 27, 2009

A busy Friday

Today we tackled a few more cupboards.

I did a couple loads of laundry. About 4 we headed out grocery shopping. Not the best time to do it but it got done. I spent the afternoon planning my menu for the upcoming week and making a shopping list and seeing if I had coupons for any items.

Much of my shopping was done at Save A Lot. Cart load of groceries 64.00. We hit the Meritta bread outlet where you can get three loaves of bread for 2.97. (the cost of one loaf at the local supermarket). I picked up six loaves of white bread, four loaves of wheat, 2 loaves of cinnamon raisin at $1.-- each! Our total savings on bread alone was about 46 bucks! I freeze the bread and we use it over the next 3-4 weeks. I stocked up on some whole chickens at Winn Dixie for .79 / pound.

On my menu this week:

Tomorrow: Bourbon Chicken w/rice
Sunday: Turkey/Rice/Gravy/Stuffing/veggies
Monday: Chicken Enchiladas(my 1st attempt but a recipe passed on by a friend)
Tuesday: Homemade noodles with beef
Wednesday: Pan Fried Fish
Thursday: Leftover night (since we have meeting this works out best)
Friday: Shake and bake Pork Chops

Friday is usually my shopping day so by next Friday I will have my list and menu ready again. My goal is to eventually be able to shop monthly only.

I have been watching on youtube great videos by "America's cheapest family" and I have their book on order. They feed a family of 7 on $350 bucks a month!!'s+cheapest+family&aq=0&oq=america's+cheap
You can go to that link to see some of the great money saving ideas. Since I want to be a stay at home mom full time my goal is to save as much as I can so we can make that happen. I have begun to get the paper and clip coupons. I am looking into getting coupons online also.

Last week I joined a site

You get paid to look at sites... it isn't much and each week it's different. But last week in 20 min. I eared 4.14! It was deposited today, as promised, into my paypal account. That money i can use to purchase bulk amounts of coupons. This week I only had .79 available but I took 2 min, looked at the sites, and earned it. Every little bit helps!

Well, I have taken my meds and it's time to crawl in bed. Hubby is supposed to put up some clothes line for me tomorrow so I can wash our bedding and hang it. Another way to save on electric...hanging out the clothes. Since my pregnancy is getting close to the end I won't be able to do ALL of it hanging out till after the baby is born and I am recovered but since I will have helpers here tomorrow (hubby and kids) they can tote it to the line for me.


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  1. Hi, just popping over from Heth's today to say hello for the first time. I see that we have kids about the same age, and I like to meet up on the blogs with people's kids in that range.


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