Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello Mornings!


I am joining Hello Mornings.  They have a challenge (well at least it will be for me) starting Aug 20.  The challenge is to become a morning person, get up early, spend some time in Bible study and exercise.  I really need to get a good schedule going.  I tend to sleep as long as my son does.  If he doesn't get up till 10 a.m. neither do I.  This isn't helpful to getting things done.  If I got up at 6 a.m. I'd have had FOUR whole hours to get things done around the house before he got up!  I want to get him on a stricter schedule too though.  Waking up at the same time every day, nap at the same time, bed at the same time...I think it would be helpful for all of us.  

If anyone wants to join in click the picture above.  It should take you to the sight.  :)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Aiden Says...

Aiden, my wise 3 year old, with his big brother in July.

Now that my wonderful 3 year old is getting very vocal and expanding his vocabulary by the second the things he tells us are getting quite entertaining.

The other morning he ran into the living room all excited.  He was motioning for me to come with him.

Aiden:  Come on momma.  Come see.
    Me:  See what?
         Aiden:  I found something.  Come see.
             Me:  Well, what did you find?

I ask this as I am walking towards the room.  

       Aiden:  Something powerful!

I was laughing.  What was it that was so powerful that he had found?  A towel on his floor.  Why it was powerful...only his little boy imagination knows the answer to that.

Later that night as I was laying in bed with him saying prayers and telling him a story our dog Coco jumped up into bed with us.  She isn't a tiny dog.  She weighs close to 40 lbs.   She is a very lovable Australian Shepherd.  She climbed over me to see Aiden and as she did she put her paw squarly in his belly.  He groans "oooooooooooo my guts."   lol 

The next night as I was getting him ready for bed he asked for a cup.  I told him I was thirsty too and I thought I'd get me a cup to bring with me to bed.  He said "No momma!  You'll spill it all over!"  

And I think my favorite from the past week was yesterdays.  He had found my old battery operated tooth brush and was using it to rub on the floor, the dog, the couch...you name it stuff was getting "worked on".  We were watching t.v. when he suddenly comes over, grabs my big toe and proceeds to brush it quite harshly.  I said "Aiden stop that!"   To which he looked up at me all serious and stated "it's ok, I'm a doctor".   I started laughing an moved my foot.  He then sternly told me "be still".   Hubby and I were cracking up.  It's so good to know one of kids is a doctor and we can look forward to his help in our old age.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Find Coupon Match Ups in Your Town

Excellent site to find deals in your area!  I have been a member for several years and it's what got me started in finding great deals. Grocery stores, drug stores, coupon exchange etc.  You can find it all.  The photo will link you direct to the site to sign up for FREE!


Great Shoe Carnival Coupon!

Get $5 off a total purchase of $39.98 or more(before taxes of course). This time of year Shoe Carnival is often having their buy one get one half off sales for back to school so combine this with the sale and save even more! You can even redeem it online (see code when you click on the printable coupon).

Click the photo to go to printable coupon.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some GREAT Printable Coupons!

     Printable coupons are a great way to save on your groceries.  There are print limits so print the ones you want asap.  Also, if you have more than one computer you can usually print two from each computer.  If you live in a state that doubles you get even MORE savings!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Comfortable Bible

So, many of you know that last week I had some wonderful medical issues that still aren't quite resolved. One day they tried a procedure that failed and the doc told us that I may need very invasive surgery that has a high mortality rate.  That sure hits you in the face like a wooden bat.  Thankfully he opted to send me to University of Alabama Hospital and let them try the same procedure again since they have way more experience with abnomalities.  After two attempts they removed my stone.

The day I got the news that I might be facing some tricky surgery I called hubby with a list of a few things I wanted.  One was my Bible.  I have one on my kindle but I have this Bible that I have had and used for 23 years.  It was the first Bible I got when I began my Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses.  I love it.  It's "broke in".  It opens to the scriptures I want almost automatically.  I haven't used it out in service in a couple years.  It was looking rather tattered and, believe it or not, that offends some people.  I have notes in the back and post it stickies marking scriptures etc. It has a soft leather cover.  My daughter, when she was about three, dubbed it my "comfortable Bible" leave it to kids because she was so right.   So, I asked hubby to grab it from my book bag and bring it.

He grabbed it, our son and went to the van.  When he got to the hospital he had my large, hard-covered reference Bible.  I gave him a funny look and he knew how much I loved my "comfortable Bible".  He said "I'm so sorry,  I went to put Aiden in his car seat and I laid your Bible up on top of the van ...I realized it when I wasn't too far down the road and I went back and forth several times and I could never find it."

I was upset but I let it slide.  Nothing I could do about it and at least I had a Bible to read that night and make me feel better.  That was about a week ago.  

Tonight I said to hubby "Hey, lets drive down the road and see if we can find my Bible... I mean... I know it will probably be ruined but lets give it a try".  So we loaded up Aiden, I prayed several times and off we went.  We went down  real slow and nothing, then we did another pass.  Then I told him to run to the little market below our house.  People post signs out there, maybe someone found it and posted a sign... nothing.  I had been hopeful because I figured if someone had hit it the word of God would have been floating all over the sides of the road.  :)   So we came back and I said lets do one more pass..... and we FOUND IT!!!  It is now about five inches thick b/c there had been several rain storms.  But it's in one piece.  I can use it again once I get the cover dried out a bit more.  

Here is a pic of my new Bible.  (well I say new but I've had it a couple years but haven't used it much... same exact Bible as my comfortable one just not broke in) 

Here is my "comfortable Bible" after being rescued from GA Highway 41 N

I am thankful, not only for the blessing Jehovah gave me in the hospital with such skilled doctors to fix something much easier than a huge surgery, but also for allowing me to find my comfortable Bible.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Things Aiden Says

I often post on my facebook status the cute funny things my 3 year old says.  It's a daily funny.  I got to thinking, however, that my mind really isn't what it used to be and I should keep these some place where I can access them.  So, I'm going to post them here.  Everyone will still get them via the feed to facebook AND I can tag them so I can find them all to embarrass him with someday.

My little guy is three now.  He turned three two weeks ago.  It does not seem possible.

We are working on the potty training.  Boys sure are slower at it than girls.  He just went running by me and
I said "Oh! You poo'd!"
Aiden: "noooo"
I said "yes you did!"
He says "why can you 'mell it?"
Me: "yes I can SMELL it!"
He took a huge sniff shakes his head side to side and says "i can't 'mell it"
Boys!  Gotta love 'em.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How I Use the Fold-And-Go Organizer w/Notepad

This is the Fold-And-Go Organizer by Thirty-One!  I love it.  I use it now for my couponing.  I know most of you have seen Extreme Couponing on TLC network.  I used to tote around one of those huge binders that weighed about 20 pounds and took up the whole front of the buggy!  Now, I do my sorting and planning at home and drop this fold and go organizer in what ever Thirty-One bag I am taking with me.  (usually the Retro Metro Bag)

It has this neat elastic band to keep it closed.

When you open it you will see on the left side an pocket that has a Velcro closure, in the center a note book great for your grocery list and on the right a pocket which is great for a pen and a calculator.  (and coupons at one point)

I took some regular file folders and cut them to fit in the side pocket.  I used my label maker to label each of the stores that I tend to visit.  When I decide which stores I am visiting that week I put the coupons for that store in that section.  I don't worry about dumping them as the two Velcro closures are very strong!


When I get to the store, before I go in, I remove the coupons for that store and clip them with a clip to the top of the notebook section.  My list is also available on the notebook.  This keeps me from fumbling in the store and dumping my coupons while doing so.

When I am in the store and have put the item in my cart I move that used coupon to the right side so I know it is used.  I also carry a pencil/pen and calculator to help keep track.

The Fold-And-Go Organizer can be purchased via my website @ www.mythirtyone.com/juliedriver     This month is is $24.00   May 1st and thereafter it will be $25.00

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Thirty-One Binder

I have one binder that I use for a personal catalog and my planner.  It fits in my organizing utility tote that I use as a mobile office.  (I'll do a post soon on what I carry in here)

Here is how I do my binder:

I take the catalog apart and cut into separate pages.

Catalog cover goes into the outside viewing cover of my three ring binder:

I then put each page in it's own page protector and insert into the binder.

This keeps me working in one catalog for the whole time it is active.  If I run into a customer with a question that I would normally jot near an item I use a small post-it note that easily removes once I have dealt with the customers' issue.

In the front inside cover I keep a copy of a spread sheet that I made (using an idea from Laura Aridgides, my director).  The spread sheet includes the dates and times want to have parties.  That way people are not looking at all the days in my date book that I might not want to be available nor are they seeing private appointments or info.  Due to the fact that hubby and I share one vehicle now and his work schedule is horrid (I never know what time he will be home)  I only schedule in home parties for the weekend.

After the catalog in my binder I keep my planner that I printed off from our Thirty-One Today website.  I printed the cover on card stock to make it a bit more easy to find with-in the binder and put it in a protective sleeve.  I also put a divider in.

I use the information given for that season to write any dates in the planner.  Also, at the top of each month I write that months' sale.

I keep training materials/print outs etc.  in a separate three-ring binder.  That keeps this one from getting too bulky.  When I go somewhere I like to grab my "mobile" office in a bag and take it with me.  That way I have a catalog or two and other might be needed items with me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why Thirty-One’s Retro Metro Bag My Favorite Purse (this week)


I say this week because I love purses.  I adore them.  My husband put his foot down awhile back and told me NO MORE.  You don’t NEED any more bags.  So, I joined Thirty-One to sell them, so I can 1) make extra income for my family on MY terms and 2) HAVE to buy more bags, after all I NEED samples.   

My retro metro bag is in a bit of a different fabric than what is available this season.  I love the pattern so I haven’t updated to the great new ones available.  Next month starts a new catalog and I can’t wait to see what might be available then.  I say might because who knows… it COULD be discontinued, one never knows! (I seriously doubt it but don’t come crying to me if you try to order in a couple months and find it gone.)

For the month of April 2012 the sale is this:  buy $31 worth of products (I suggest large zipper pouches, small ones, wallets… you get the idea… buy the stuff for INSIDE the bag THEN you can get ANY PURSE for 1/2 price!  Yes 1/2 price!  So, with a $31 purchase this month the Retro Metro Bag would cost you only $26 !!  For a bag that will last you years and years!!  And, that is for every $31 you purchase.  So, if you have your eye on a couple of purses and a bunch of wallets or organizing items go for it!


Here is my bag, hanging from my favorite Amish Rocker.


Let me address the LARGE outside pockets first.  These are VERY wide and deep.  I love them.  They do not have a velcro/snap closure but they are amazing.  Right now I have a small notebook in one end for notes and such, with my small Thirty-One Mini Catalogs in case I run into someone that needs my info.  On the other side I have coupons and coupon holder. (more on that next week). So you can get an idea of the note books size ck the photo below this one.  Let me add there is a ton more room in the side pocket.  Went to town the other night and threw in an extra diaper and zippie bag with some wipes in it.


side pouch notebk

This is a handy little notebook I keep with me to jot things down when I’m in a hurry.  My kindle is also in my bag so if I am not in a hurry I pull it out and add info to Evernote instead of this notebook so it is synced.  If in a hurry jot this way and add to Evernote later. (Evernote is a FREE program that is amazing and can be used via computer, smart phone, kindle, nook, tablets etc.)






other side pouch

See my Publix coupon books so they aren’t left on the desk at home when I need them.  I also have a coupon thing I usually keep in here too. 










a fav feature

My very favorite part of this bag… this little do-hicky here. (yup my official term for it)

Add this:

ad a clip

Found at hardware, Wal-Marts and tons of stores for about .99  (I’ve had this one for years).

Then take your keys (which are, of course kept on a Thirty-One Wristlet Key Fob) and add a small clip like this:

ad wristlet and clip 2 keys

Then you can easily, and in the dark if you have to clip/unclip the little clip easily to the large one.  You actually don’t need the little clip.  I just had it handy.  The circle wring of the key fob will fit on the large clip just fine.

ad small clip to lg one

Now, so my wallet doesn’t get lost….  I am currently using Thirty-One’s Wristlet Wallet which is great! 

wristlet wallet

The outside pocket that has a velcro closure will fit a cell if you only want to take this in some place with you and leave the bigger bag in your locked car.  I do this frequently.  Right now, the velcro closure has my business cards in it.

add business cards

The inside of the wallet is great.  It has a zipper pocket for change if you carry it.  I don’t so generally it has extra cards for stores in it or business cards I need to bring home and put into my computer.  It does fit a check book (I carry mine w/no cover or register as it has duplicates and I rarely use it).  It also has a clear slot for your id.  Here are some shots of the inside.

place for id and cards

yes a ckbk fits

Now my favorite part of the wristlet wallet.  The wristlet strap.  This makes it easy to carry around in a store AND easy to CLIP inside my Retro Metro bag so my wallet isn’t lost at the bottom of the bag.

out side clip fits 2 lg clip

wallah not lost

Now, if I were working outside the home, this is what I would add.

A thermal tote which comes in adorable colors that you can have embelleshed with what ever you want.  Your name so if someone steals your lunch from the office fridge they can be caught red handed, the words “hands off”, of some other wonderful thing you think of.

thermal tote

It is thermal lined and has a great amount of room for a tupperware or rubbermaid container or two or three for your lunch.  A outside pouch would hold a fork/spoon and napkins.  And the best part.  This will EASILY fit inside your retro metro bag so you do not have to carry two bags.

I also like to use the large zipper pouch to put my larger catalogs and things in to keep the inside of my bag more organized.  The small zipper pouches are also great for change, an mp3 player and cord, make up etc.  So you don’t have 500o objects floating at the bottom.

room to spare

As you can see Thirty-One has some great things to offer to help keep you organized not just at home but on the go!  My keys and wallet are clipped next to the thermal tote and lunch bag so they aren’t lost.  I’m organized and being organized makes for a happier momma.

and i can still get keys n wallet

To get your own great Thirty-One products visit my official website at


I generally have several parties open (click on my events).  You can also order direct to your home no matter where you live or choose to order from a party and have it delivered to your home once the party closes. Feel free to contact me via the contact info on the site if you have questions about a product, how to order, hosting your own in home party (Columbus, GA and surrounding area – or to set one up when I am visiting Marion/Lake county in FL or to do a catalog/online show), or if you would love to hear how you too can sell this awesome product, have fun, get out of the house for a couple hours and make some money on YOUR terms.


Gone Far Too Long

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