Monday, April 23, 2012

How I Use the Fold-And-Go Organizer w/Notepad

This is the Fold-And-Go Organizer by Thirty-One!  I love it.  I use it now for my couponing.  I know most of you have seen Extreme Couponing on TLC network.  I used to tote around one of those huge binders that weighed about 20 pounds and took up the whole front of the buggy!  Now, I do my sorting and planning at home and drop this fold and go organizer in what ever Thirty-One bag I am taking with me.  (usually the Retro Metro Bag)

It has this neat elastic band to keep it closed.

When you open it you will see on the left side an pocket that has a Velcro closure, in the center a note book great for your grocery list and on the right a pocket which is great for a pen and a calculator.  (and coupons at one point)

I took some regular file folders and cut them to fit in the side pocket.  I used my label maker to label each of the stores that I tend to visit.  When I decide which stores I am visiting that week I put the coupons for that store in that section.  I don't worry about dumping them as the two Velcro closures are very strong!


When I get to the store, before I go in, I remove the coupons for that store and clip them with a clip to the top of the notebook section.  My list is also available on the notebook.  This keeps me from fumbling in the store and dumping my coupons while doing so.

When I am in the store and have put the item in my cart I move that used coupon to the right side so I know it is used.  I also carry a pencil/pen and calculator to help keep track.

The Fold-And-Go Organizer can be purchased via my website @     This month is is $24.00   May 1st and thereafter it will be $25.00

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