Friday, July 6, 2012

My Comfortable Bible

So, many of you know that last week I had some wonderful medical issues that still aren't quite resolved. One day they tried a procedure that failed and the doc told us that I may need very invasive surgery that has a high mortality rate.  That sure hits you in the face like a wooden bat.  Thankfully he opted to send me to University of Alabama Hospital and let them try the same procedure again since they have way more experience with abnomalities.  After two attempts they removed my stone.

The day I got the news that I might be facing some tricky surgery I called hubby with a list of a few things I wanted.  One was my Bible.  I have one on my kindle but I have this Bible that I have had and used for 23 years.  It was the first Bible I got when I began my Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses.  I love it.  It's "broke in".  It opens to the scriptures I want almost automatically.  I haven't used it out in service in a couple years.  It was looking rather tattered and, believe it or not, that offends some people.  I have notes in the back and post it stickies marking scriptures etc. It has a soft leather cover.  My daughter, when she was about three, dubbed it my "comfortable Bible" leave it to kids because she was so right.   So, I asked hubby to grab it from my book bag and bring it.

He grabbed it, our son and went to the van.  When he got to the hospital he had my large, hard-covered reference Bible.  I gave him a funny look and he knew how much I loved my "comfortable Bible".  He said "I'm so sorry,  I went to put Aiden in his car seat and I laid your Bible up on top of the van ...I realized it when I wasn't too far down the road and I went back and forth several times and I could never find it."

I was upset but I let it slide.  Nothing I could do about it and at least I had a Bible to read that night and make me feel better.  That was about a week ago.  

Tonight I said to hubby "Hey, lets drive down the road and see if we can find my Bible... I mean... I know it will probably be ruined but lets give it a try".  So we loaded up Aiden, I prayed several times and off we went.  We went down  real slow and nothing, then we did another pass.  Then I told him to run to the little market below our house.  People post signs out there, maybe someone found it and posted a sign... nothing.  I had been hopeful because I figured if someone had hit it the word of God would have been floating all over the sides of the road.  :)   So we came back and I said lets do one more pass..... and we FOUND IT!!!  It is now about five inches thick b/c there had been several rain storms.  But it's in one piece.  I can use it again once I get the cover dried out a bit more.  

Here is a pic of my new Bible.  (well I say new but I've had it a couple years but haven't used it much... same exact Bible as my comfortable one just not broke in) 

Here is my "comfortable Bible" after being rescued from GA Highway 41 N

I am thankful, not only for the blessing Jehovah gave me in the hospital with such skilled doctors to fix something much easier than a huge surgery, but also for allowing me to find my comfortable Bible.  


  1. I loved this experience! I 'lost' my bible once too...and was so sad. Well, yrs later I was getting a stroller out of the garage to clean it up for a yard sale, and down in the bottom...stuck in the one basket was my bible! It was weather worn, and enlarged like yours, but I still use it and love it! I think I will now dub it my 'comfortable bible'...I just love that. Have a wonderful dad, sister!
    Sara in TN

  2. Thanks Sara! Glad you found yours too! I was so happy when I saw it. I think I jumped out of the van before it completely stopped. I think it made hubby feel much better too, he felt so guilty for "loosing" it. We knew it wasn't far because he was less than a quarter mile from the house when he remembered. He could just never find it the other night and we almost didn't today. Thanks for the comment and you have a great weekend too Sister.


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