Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Aiden Says...

Aiden, my wise 3 year old, with his big brother in July.

Now that my wonderful 3 year old is getting very vocal and expanding his vocabulary by the second the things he tells us are getting quite entertaining.

The other morning he ran into the living room all excited.  He was motioning for me to come with him.

Aiden:  Come on momma.  Come see.
    Me:  See what?
         Aiden:  I found something.  Come see.
             Me:  Well, what did you find?

I ask this as I am walking towards the room.  

       Aiden:  Something powerful!

I was laughing.  What was it that was so powerful that he had found?  A towel on his floor.  Why it was powerful...only his little boy imagination knows the answer to that.

Later that night as I was laying in bed with him saying prayers and telling him a story our dog Coco jumped up into bed with us.  She isn't a tiny dog.  She weighs close to 40 lbs.   She is a very lovable Australian Shepherd.  She climbed over me to see Aiden and as she did she put her paw squarly in his belly.  He groans "oooooooooooo my guts."   lol 

The next night as I was getting him ready for bed he asked for a cup.  I told him I was thirsty too and I thought I'd get me a cup to bring with me to bed.  He said "No momma!  You'll spill it all over!"  

And I think my favorite from the past week was yesterdays.  He had found my old battery operated tooth brush and was using it to rub on the floor, the dog, the name it stuff was getting "worked on".  We were watching t.v. when he suddenly comes over, grabs my big toe and proceeds to brush it quite harshly.  I said "Aiden stop that!"   To which he looked up at me all serious and stated "it's ok, I'm a doctor".   I started laughing an moved my foot.  He then sternly told me "be still".   Hubby and I were cracking up.  It's so good to know one of kids is a doctor and we can look forward to his help in our old age.

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