Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Thirty-One Binder

I have one binder that I use for a personal catalog and my planner.  It fits in my organizing utility tote that I use as a mobile office.  (I'll do a post soon on what I carry in here)

Here is how I do my binder:

I take the catalog apart and cut into separate pages.

Catalog cover goes into the outside viewing cover of my three ring binder:

I then put each page in it's own page protector and insert into the binder.

This keeps me working in one catalog for the whole time it is active.  If I run into a customer with a question that I would normally jot near an item I use a small post-it note that easily removes once I have dealt with the customers' issue.

In the front inside cover I keep a copy of a spread sheet that I made (using an idea from Laura Aridgides, my director).  The spread sheet includes the dates and times want to have parties.  That way people are not looking at all the days in my date book that I might not want to be available nor are they seeing private appointments or info.  Due to the fact that hubby and I share one vehicle now and his work schedule is horrid (I never know what time he will be home)  I only schedule in home parties for the weekend.

After the catalog in my binder I keep my planner that I printed off from our Thirty-One Today website.  I printed the cover on card stock to make it a bit more easy to find with-in the binder and put it in a protective sleeve.  I also put a divider in.

I use the information given for that season to write any dates in the planner.  Also, at the top of each month I write that months' sale.

I keep training materials/print outs etc.  in a separate three-ring binder.  That keeps this one from getting too bulky.  When I go somewhere I like to grab my "mobile" office in a bag and take it with me.  That way I have a catalog or two and other might be needed items with me.


  1. I'm a new consultant, this was super helpful!

  2. What do you include in your mobile office bag?

  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. I started a full time job shortly after this post and boy did it send my life in a new direction. :) For the mobile office I would carry a few packets set up for a new hostess so when I set up a party I could give it to her then. I also carried two packets set up for prospective new team members. Extra order forms, pens, My binder (above) and a calculator. I am no longer selling Thirty-One because one working full time I couldn't keep up with it, working full-time and full-time college. Something had to give.

  4. This was so helpful. I am trying to put one together for my self. Thanks for the tips

  5. I just signed up to sell Thirty-One and this was very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lisa, so glad it was helpful. I am not selling anymore :*( I am working full time now away from home and hope someday to get back to Thirty-One once I am proficient at my new job. So much to learn!! I hope your business takes off and you reach every single goal you set! Thirty-One is a great company with some awesome products!

  7. This blog is really a great source of information for me.


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