Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slow Sunday

I am just puttering around today.  So far I have cleaned off a major hotspot (see Flylady's site for the definition of hotspot )  in our house.  The bar in the kitchen.  This is the area that everyone dumps their stuff.  I cleared off two flashlights, a box of Q-Tips, an unopened can of soda, three candles, numerous receipts, a knife with peanut butter on it, (thanks honey for that), a hot mat, several salt and pepper shakers (some that belonged by the stove and some that belonged on the table), and more junk that didn’t belong there.  Our bar is meant to be a breakfast bar but as it is quite tall and I am quite short so we never purchased any barstools to use.  Once that was done I started a load of dish rags and towels, my son’s laundry is in the dryer and I started a loaf bread in the bread maker.

The bread maker I am using was bought at a  yard sale for five bucks.  It was brand new, the girl had never used it and it had all the paperwork with it.  I tried to make several loaves in this bread maker after I first got it and got frustrated with it.  All bread makers are a bit different.  My one bread maker I had for years did take me awhile to get used to, to figure out which recipe worked best but I just got frustrated with trying with the “new to me” bread maker and shelved it.  So, time to try again.  I followed the recipe to a “t” so we shall see.  My old bread maker called for you to put the yeast into the water and letting it set for five minutes.  This recipe does not want your yeast to touch your wet ingredients at all until the machine does it during mixing.  Hubby keeps going over and looking into it.  I told him he can’t eat a lot of it.  I was out of wheat flour so it’s white bread and he’s diabetic so he has to be careful.  (update:  the bread looked awesome… was rising wonderful and just like the last few times with this same machine…45 min. till it was done it fell… UGH)

So, here is a photo of what my wonderful bread did:


And once out of the pan it looks like this:


Yup!  I made a loaf of bread that looks like a molar!  So, instead of calling this a fail I shall say I did it in honor of National Dental Hygeine Week…… whenever that is.

I have also made four loaves of banana bread.  It is a recipe I found online and saved to my ZIPLIST RECIPE BOX I told you about zip list in a previous post HERE I love the convenience of the recipe zipper/snipper thing a ma bob. Not only does it save a recipe for you but the link to what site you found it on.  So, here is the link to the BEST BANANA BREAD I have ever made.  Seriously, it’s better than the Amish recipe I used to use.  Make sure to read the whole recipe first and follow it exactly.  Not sure why those odd little steps and dirtying a couple extra bowls helps but it does and it is soooo worth it!

It has been kind of overcast here today but now the sun is shining.  My banana bread is making the house smell wonderful and I am trying to figure out just what I want to make for dinner.  Having our son here from out of state and Lew bring home some awesome pork tenderloin that he got at a screaming deal kind of threw my menu plan out the window this week.  But man was that tenderloin divine! Especially the one he grilled…I told him to make sure he watches for those great deals again because now we are spoiled and who wants fatty pulled pork when you can have it from a tenderloin?

So… dinner… the decision has been made… open face hot pork sandwiches with mashed tatter. 

Off to cook and maybe… attempt another loaf of molar bread!

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