Thursday, July 29, 2010

Join The Fun

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting the first chapter at my new blog called Chapter Tag.

The idea of Chapter Tags came to me several months ago during a brainstorming session and I talked it over with my best friend and she thought it would be great fun.  (ok, we are a bit nerdy)  Lately my daughter and niece have all started  blogging and sharing their love of writing.  I hadn't really given my blog idea much more thought after the initial conversation with my best friend until yesterday.  The idea came back and wouldn't leave so I started mulling the idea over and putting some things down on papers.  Within minutes I knew that each person would be doing a different chapter and the name Chapter Tag popped into my head.  The more I thought about things and wrote down rules the more excited I got.

I shared my excitement with my daughter and one niece.  My daughter didn't seem overly enthused as she was in class at the time chatting away with us while also taking notes.  My niece however seemed to like the idea as did another niece I spoke with later that night.

So, to see the rules and how things are going to work CLICK HERE

I would love to hear your feed back either here in my comments section or under the welcome post @ Chapter Tag  Please don't forget to follow Chapter Tag!


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