Saturday, July 16, 2011

Speaking of...

My son is saying new things daily.  Sometimes it catches me off guard lol.

I'm going to put a few of the things he has told me in the last week so I don't forget.

I came out of the bedroom one day last week and he was in his high chair.  He pointed to the kitchen and said "get in there and cook".  (he's two and already being a "man")

Daily I now get "i lud you" and it melts my heart and makes my day.

He'll be playing and tell me "mommy hug"  :)

Today his daddy "tooted" to put it nicely... Aiden came running to me and said "he farded ...baaad" and hid his nose in his shirt.

If you burp, sneeze or cough he asks "you aw right?"  you'll tell him "i'm ok" he say "k".   If you ask him if he's alright (after he trips or something) he'll say "I fine".

He is getting so big so fast.

He can now pretty much tell you what he wants to eat.  I say pretty much because most everything is called a cookie.  If he likes it, it's a cookie.  Pretzels, chips, cookies, crackers are all "cookies".  Chocolate milk is "chaulky".  

At night I have started what some might consider a bad habit.  I rock him to sleep.  I love this time of night and when he starts to get tired he say "mommy i wannna wok"  

He likes a few different types of cereal but all are called "searie".

He name most animals in his animal book and tell you the sounds they make.  One cute thing though is chickens are not called chickens.  They are "bawk bawk".   He he wants chicken nuggets he asks for "bawk bawk".  

If we are out and about and he sees the golden arches we immediately hear "fry?"....even if he has just eaten it seems he needs a fry.

I'll admit, my son is a handful.  He is always busy and some days it seems I get him out of one thing and he is into another before I can even think but the joy and smiles he brings sure out weigh the challenges.

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