Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Chicken Finger Recipe

First thing you NEED is this wonderful seasoning I found a few years ago.  I don't even remember where I got it, more than likely Big Lots and never could find it anywhere again.  Was glad when I found I could find it on Amazon.  (it's amazing on baked fish)  I'm sure there is something similar you could use this is just what I use in everything.  It's great on pork chops and grill them.

So, we used boneless, skinless breast.

Cut into the size pieces you want.  We did strips but you could easily do nuggets too.

Soak in buttermilk with about 1 1/2 tablespoons of red hot sauce.  (this adds flavor not a ton of heat.  My little one ate them with no prob).

In a bowl of flour (about four cups) I added about 1/8 cup of the bbq seasoning (I'm guessing, I cook like my gram... never measure)

black pepper (I'm not a huge pepper person so just a few shakes)

Onion powder ( probably 2 tbsp)

Panko Japanese bread crumbs (not regular, need the panko for the extra crunch)

Once your chicken has sat for at least an hour dredge in the flour mix and deep fry.

I actually put each strip in the flour mix and pressed on the mix w/the back of spoon.  These were SOOOO good.  The panko bread crumbs make them extra crunchy.

We made a HUGE amount of strips so you might need to adjust your seasoning depending on your batch.   I just put it in until it smelled good.  I think the onion powder was a big key.

Enjoy and if you make them I'd love for you to come back and let us know what you think.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Speaking of...

My son is saying new things daily.  Sometimes it catches me off guard lol.

I'm going to put a few of the things he has told me in the last week so I don't forget.

I came out of the bedroom one day last week and he was in his high chair.  He pointed to the kitchen and said "get in there and cook".  (he's two and already being a "man")

Daily I now get "i lud you" and it melts my heart and makes my day.

He'll be playing and tell me "mommy hug"  :)

Today his daddy "tooted" to put it nicely... Aiden came running to me and said "he farded ...baaad" and hid his nose in his shirt.

If you burp, sneeze or cough he asks "you aw right?"  you'll tell him "i'm ok" he say "k".   If you ask him if he's alright (after he trips or something) he'll say "I fine".

He is getting so big so fast.

He can now pretty much tell you what he wants to eat.  I say pretty much because most everything is called a cookie.  If he likes it, it's a cookie.  Pretzels, chips, cookies, crackers are all "cookies".  Chocolate milk is "chaulky".  

At night I have started what some might consider a bad habit.  I rock him to sleep.  I love this time of night and when he starts to get tired he say "mommy i wannna wok"  

He likes a few different types of cereal but all are called "searie".

He name most animals in his animal book and tell you the sounds they make.  One cute thing though is chickens are not called chickens.  They are "bawk bawk".   He he wants chicken nuggets he asks for "bawk bawk".  

If we are out and about and he sees the golden arches we immediately hear "fry?"....even if he has just eaten it seems he needs a fry.

I'll admit, my son is a handful.  He is always busy and some days it seems I get him out of one thing and he is into another before I can even think but the joy and smiles he brings sure out weigh the challenges.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten Family TV Show's I'd Like To Make A Comeback

This weeks writer's workshop from MamaKat is:
Prompt 1:  A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.

Shows I miss the most are family shows that we can watch as a family together.  Much like MamKat mentioned in her post. 
Some of my fondest memories growing up were of my grandfather.  He worked out of town and would come home on Thursday nights.  He would take us to the store to buy "pop" and chips and we would go home and all watch the Walton's together.  When he retired we added Monday to our tradition to watch Little House together.  So ingrained in my memory that I even remember the days of the week they were on. 

So, here is my list, in no specific order.

No Ordinary Family

I was excited when I first say this show as it was a fun show we could watch together.  TV exec's don't think much of family shows these days I guess.

The Waltons

(I love that I can now watch re-runs daily on the Hallmark Channel)

Little House on the Prairie
(ditto on what I said above... re-runs daily on Hallmark)

7th Heaven

Land Of The Lost
I remember this from early childhood and loved it.


Mama's Family



And just for the fun of it:

Wonder Woman


Yesterday the two kids I babysit, ages 8 and 5 and my son Aiden 2 were all in is tiny room playing.  In his room is a bed and a book case.  There are a few toys in the closet.  I heard tons of laughter and thumps so I popped my head in the door to see what they were doing.  I asked the oldest, Kate, what they were doing. "Oh, we are playing hide and seek."

I laughed.  Seriously.  You have to be imaginative to play hide and seek in a room where you can hide A. In the Closet or B. Under the bed.  

Monday, July 4, 2011

Growing Up

My little man is growing up.  Far too quickly for his momma.  I knew it would happen before he was born, after all,  all of my other children did it.  I blinked and they graduated high school.

Today the crib was taken apart and the twin bed with side rails were put together.  I still haven't gotten him his special bedding.  I haven't decided between trains, Sesame Street, or dinosaurs...he changes his mind hourly.  For now he has the bedding we have on hand.  And his "fee/free" (not quite sure which it ... that is what he calls his special blanket.  I don't know why.   I asked him a couple weeks ago why.  He has started talking quite well.  Sentences are coming together so I thought that maybe he could finally answer the question.. "Aiden, why do you call it fee?"   His answer... "because it's fee".    Well that answers that.

The other night I had been cooking.  He was in his high chair watching me in between watching Barney.  I went and used the bathroom.  When I came out he pointed to the kitchen and yelled "momma... get in there and cook".  I had to chuckle as it was a pretty good sentence and such a MAN thing to say. lol

So, tonight I keep going into his room.  Checking on him.  He still looks so tiny in that great big bed.  I keep hoping that things will slow down a bit.  I know they won't.  For now, I'm going to try not to blink.

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