Monday, July 4, 2011

Growing Up

My little man is growing up.  Far too quickly for his momma.  I knew it would happen before he was born, after all,  all of my other children did it.  I blinked and they graduated high school.

Today the crib was taken apart and the twin bed with side rails were put together.  I still haven't gotten him his special bedding.  I haven't decided between trains, Sesame Street, or dinosaurs...he changes his mind hourly.  For now he has the bedding we have on hand.  And his "fee/free" (not quite sure which it ... that is what he calls his special blanket.  I don't know why.   I asked him a couple weeks ago why.  He has started talking quite well.  Sentences are coming together so I thought that maybe he could finally answer the question.. "Aiden, why do you call it fee?"   His answer... "because it's fee".    Well that answers that.

The other night I had been cooking.  He was in his high chair watching me in between watching Barney.  I went and used the bathroom.  When I came out he pointed to the kitchen and yelled "momma... get in there and cook".  I had to chuckle as it was a pretty good sentence and such a MAN thing to say. lol

So, tonight I keep going into his room.  Checking on him.  He still looks so tiny in that great big bed.  I keep hoping that things will slow down a bit.  I know they won't.  For now, I'm going to try not to blink.

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  2. I know how you feel Julie, I wasn't ready for Nathan to be out of his crib to his toddler bed. And now he's in a big boy bunk bed. When I check on him at naptime or during the night, I still see my baby boy in that huge bed. Too bad we can't keep them little.


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