Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm baaaaack

So, I tried out the whole "having my own domain name" thing. Frankly it went just 'ok'. The last couple of months I lagged very badly on my blogging. Maybe did two posts. Keeping up with the new baby and finding a new place to live kept me very preoccupied. So, after moving imagine my surprise when I went to my site to find a big page with "account suspended" on it. My bill had come out of my account just the week before so I was just a "wee" bit upset.

I emailed customer service at where my blog was hosted. Only to be told that I was over my 10% usage and would have to upgrade my account. This made my temper hit the roof for several reasons.
1. I did not recieve an email prior to them suspending my account.
2. They suspeneded my account and still too the $45 payment for the next six months of service.
3. How could I be over my usage when I hadn't added anything??????

Needless to say I decided to ditch my blog and come "home". I have my old posts that I did there saved so I will post them here over the next few weeks to catch people up and share things that I have shared on

So, we are in a new house. It is only 3 years old so it is literally a "new house". Aiden is now 9 months old! I am still unpacking and rearranging stuff. I hope to be settled with in the next two weeks. That is my goal... with a baby though we are on "Aiden time" so I hope I am not asking too much.

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  1. Welcome back! Are you still in the same area up there?


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