Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Organized Chaos

Is there such a thing?  I think so.  To other ppl my desk may seem chaotic but to me, I know where things are.


I am trying to get better.  I am trying to get more routines going in my day so that things get done on time.  Before Aiden was born I had a routine down pretty good.  I had certian days for certian things but that has kind of been thrown to the way side.  Time to start back at square one with the baby steps.  I enjoy the Flylady site.  Her tips and gentle nudges in my email/twitter and facebook are great (yes I need all three).  Her idea that anything can be done in 15 minutes takes a load off when I am facing larger tasks.  If you haven't gotten to know Flylady please go check out her site.  The main page can be found HERE.

Here is a view of what I see from my desk when my wonderful son is awake and playing:



Nice view huh?


My goal for the next few hours:

Finish up cleaning the master bath while daddy can keep baby in living room away from the chemical smells. I know Green cleaners, I use vinegar on a lot of things but we have such high iron in our water that I need some kind of iron remover for the tub or it is yellow.

Do another load of laundry. 

Do some more research on getting my own domain name and web server for my blog.  Any ideas on website addy's I should use? is still available but I'm not sure I wanna stick with that.... what are your thoughts? is actually still available too so I could just use my name...


I have also been playing around with changing the name of my blog and thus the name of my domain would want to reflect it...

My first idea:  Was THIS In The Fine Print.  Referring to many of the things you don't think about ahead of time when it comes to being a parent.  Things that no one ever told you OR things people told you but somewhere in the back of your mind you thought "ya maybe for them but I'll be different."


  1. Hey, thanks for the boiled egg advise. Sound great. I am a little timid about actually trying the process again, but if I only ruin one egg, I can live with that.

  2. Funny how we thought of similar pictures to post :)

    You could register your name for the domain, then you have the freedom to change the name of your blog if the focus of your blog changes. There were no variations of my name available to register - but I'm happy with coffeejitters

  3. You coulkd always get your name as your url and then add add the mid life mama to it so it would look like this\midlifemmomma
    There's a name for it but I can't remember wht the hubby calls it.

    LOVE that pic of Aiden, it's adorable!

  4. I like the fine print bit ;) I'm no good at coming up w/ things like that though!

  5. Hi Julie, you have an adorable wee one! :)
    I've enjoyed browsing around your blog and will be back,


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