Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you... thank you very much

Since today is the "anniversary" of the death of Elvis Presley TCM is playing Elvis movies all day.  My mother must be in Elvis heaven. 

Growing up she watched Elvis movies EVERY time they came on tv.  I remember the day Elvis died and I was only 8 but I guess since my mother's reaction was so shocking it stuck with me.  I was coming through the kitchen and it came across the radio that Elvis Presley was dead.  (My mother ALWAYS has the radio on in the kitchen.  She often jokes she wants to be buried with a radio but to be honest I don't think it'll get a signal that deep in the ground).  Mom was on the back porch hanging up laundry and I knew she would want me to tell her this tidbit of information.  I went through the screen door which slammed behind me with a thud and told her, very matter of fact, "Mom, Elvis is dead"  I still remember,she stopped, arms in the air about to clip some article of clothing to the line.. looked right at me and said "Julie Anne (rarely was I called this) don't lie!"  Like, as an 8 year old I would know that lying about this would just irk her.  I assured her "Mom! I'm not lying!  They guy just said so on the radio" 

She dropped said article of clothing back into the basket and stormed past me.  I followed just to see her get proven wrong and learn that I wasn't lying to her.  She went past the radio and into the living room to turn on the television.  (maybe the tv had more authority?)  She turned it on and stood there as the program was interrupted and the sad news I had already told her was repeated.  She cried.  She said "no, it can't be" many times.  For days it was all people talked about.  I guess much like what happened recently when Michael Jackson died.

Watching Jailhouse Rock this afternoon brought back a memory of when my daughter Emily was probably about nine or so.  We were all watching Blue Hawaii when Emily came in the living room and asked "Is that Elvis?" 

My husband answered "yes" 

She said "I didn't know he made movies"

My son quickly picked at her for not knowing that fact then she asked a question she will NEVER live down...

"did he make this one before he died?"

The room was silent for a few seconds.  All of us turned to look at her. 

My husband answered "Nope, he made this one when he was dead."  That was when she figured out what she had asked and why all of us were looking at her like she had suddenly grown two heads.  She took quite a ribbing all afternoon.  (still does today)

So, whenever there is an Elvis movie on we ask her... "was this one made before he died".  She isn't home this afternoon.  I texted her and told her what was on tv and asked her the question. 

She hasn't texted back. 

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