Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Days

Yesterday and today I will admit were pretty lazy days.  I was up early yesterday with Aiden and then about 11 I had rocked him back to sleep.  I had almost rocked myself to sleep.  I looked at hubby and told him "I can barely keep my eyes open" He told me to go on in and lay down with the baby.  So I did.  He woke up around noon, nursed and we both went back to sleep.  We got up after 2 pm!

Today we got out of bed at one!  Not sure what has me so tired.  I guess my anemia is kicking in again.  I need to order some more supplements from Nature's Sunshine.  They seem to help a lot better than the prescribed iron the doc has me taking. 

Yesterday afternoon I did make something I had been wanting to attempt for the last several years and I had put it off because I thought it would be too difficult.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  I made Baked Potato Soup.  It was to DIE for!  Was not hard to make, not an expensive thing to make and was so delicious.  I ended up using a recipe from Paula Deen and tweeked it a bit more (not that it needed any help but I added more potatoes, used a sweet onion and extra bacon... you can never have TOO much bacon).

Here is the link to the recipe I used.

Baked Potato Soup

There is even a video at the site to show you how to make it.  It was quick and easy and oh so good. (I've said that a few times huh?)  The main reason I decided to try it is we had baked potatoes the night before and I had leftovers of them.  So, next time I bake potatoes I might just have left overs on purpose.  Shhhh don't tell hubby.  I wish I had taken a photo of the big bowl of steaming goodness to post here.  Guess I'll have to make another batch soon just to get a photo!

We had Bible study here last night with Brother and Sister Curtis.  I enjoy them so much.  They are both such a wealth of knowledge and it is always great to have older and wiser brothers and sisters to look up to and learn from.  They are sharing experiences on raising their own children that will be nothing but a blessing to us in raising ours. 

Kait came down last night so her dad and brother could help her boyfriend do some repairs on her car.  Once that was all fixed today she took off with her sister to take her school shopping.  This was a blessing in many aspects.  One, I didn't have to deal with rude people in the stores.  Two, I didn't have to deal with a whining daughter wanting to go to just one more store and Three... she paid for her clothes herself this year.  I will eventually reimburse her some of the funds but right now we are so broke we couldn't have gotten her anything at all.  Hubby missing work for a week due to a kidney stone, having to replace a tire in that same week and a couple other unexpected things sure sent us into a financial nose dive.  It stresses me to no end having to deal with things like this.  Me not working is both a blessing and a curse.  Financially it straps us to no end to not have the second income but I could not imagine having to have my son put into daycare.  When my other children were young I was home with them.  I took in other kids and did daycare in my home to supplement my husband's income at that time and also sold Tupperware.  I may have to find something like that once again to help out. 

My new goal is going to be to stretch our food budget as far as possible in order to the money saved there to be used in other parts of our budget.  I have found several great websites that help to teach you how to save.  I have saved greatly using the CVS extracare program from time to time but some of these woman are just amazing at saving money.  One you can check out now is a woman who feeds her family of four on $800 a year!  Yes, that's a year... not a month!  I will share more great sites in future blogs so you too can reap the savings and knowledge of these very wise women.  Maybe someday I'll be just like them. :)

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  1. Ive been doing CVS for quite awhile. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Here are some sites I visit:


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