Sunday, July 12, 2009


My daughter comes and spends the weekend at least a couple times a month.  With her comes my adorable grandson.  Now, all of the sudden, his Nana has a baby of her own to take care of.  The first couple of weeks it broke my heart (and his a bit I believe) that Nana couldn't pick him up.  Now I am feeling much better and getting my hugs and kisses and playtime.  However, Nana's lil man is a wee bit jealous of the new baby in her life. 

Yesterday when I was nursing Aiden Colby would come and try and yank his blanket off.  I fixed him by taking a recieving blanket and putting it around his neck like a cape.  (don't worry there were MANY adults supervising him and it wasn't tight...totally safe).  My older son took some pictures that are priceless.


Since I have this "magic" cape on maybe I can get into the cupboards without Papa catching me.  (you know, if Papa would put the safety latches on Nana bought MONTHS ago he wouldn't have to come after me....)


Trying to liftoff..


All serious...



Don't worry, Man, Nana will always love you buckets and buckets...



After all... who COULDN'T love that big ole' cheesy smile?

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