Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As my lil man grows

I had my first child at the age of 19.  I had married at 18 and wanted to start my family young.  I did that.  By the time I was 24 I had all of my children and was a stressed mom of three.  I couldn't wait to see each new thing each child did, each new milestone they reached.  A new grade, a new friend, a new talent.

My youngest child was born a month after I hit the big 4 - 0.  I am savoring every single second.  I know he will have all the firsts and has had some already.  He has already had the first smile.  He has rolled over for the first time.  With him though, I find myself not rushing to the next first but enjoying every second of each day with him.

Last week he was all content in his swing.  Smiling and happy to be watching the bright colored animals on the mobile above circle around him.  I watched him for awhile and got up and turned off the swing and went to pick him up.  My husband, who believes I shall spoil him and create a condition he refers to as "lap colic", said "what are you doing?  he is perfectly happy in there."  To which I replied:  "I am picking him up and holding him.  I am cuddling him because next week he will be 17 and won't let me do this."

You see, I know now how quickly the years pass.  I know that one day I put my daughter on the school bus to kindergarten then followed the bus to school to make sure she was safe and a week later I was setting in the bleachers at her graduation wondering "how in the world did this happen so quickly?"

Enjoy every single second of each day with your loved ones.


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