Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FL is getting HOT and guess what????

Our air conditioning went out!

Our landlord does air conditioning for a living but can't get up here (he is about 3 hours away) until the weekend. We'll live, we might sweat off a few pounds during the afternoons but we'll live.

I often wonder how I lived through the hot summers in western NY with out air conditioning. I guess when you are a child it doesn't bother you as much. The fact that I am in my 8th month of pregnancy probably doesn't help much either! :)

I stopped at the goodwill today to look around. There is a huge one in Ocala and it has new stuff daily and it's always packed. Today I was able to pick up plastic bags with about 10 books each (children's books) for $1.00 each bag. One of the bags had a Dr. Suess book in it that retails at Wally World for 7.99 so that one book alone gave me a great deal. I didn't stay long as walking too much these days gets to me. The infant dept. didn't have much in it and the books for adults were disappointing. No titles I have been looking for. One day soon I'll stop at the used book store. I have some credits there I can use.

I came home and hubby was filling his face with pizza left over from last night. I said "well, I had planned enchiladas but I guess I don't have to cook now." He said "why not?" LOL Men, are their stomachs bottomless??

Well, I'm going to get back to rearranging my book shelves. I am making the small one in the living room for kids books now. Mine are coming in my room. Eventually I will have to get a larger book shelf for out there but for now we are good.


  1. Funny, we went to NY (Olean) in 2002 and I was MISERABLE! It was so freaking hot. Of coures, it was July, but still! LOL. And everyone said "you're from Florida, you like the heat". To which I said, "yes, but we have ac!"

    Hope you get it fixed soon!

    I used to go to that Goodwill all the time with my mom.

  2. Ha! I grew up 40 Min from Olean! No one up there has air! At least we usually have that luxury. It's 88 in my house today!


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