Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Week That was a year long....or so it seemed

Ugh!  What a week!!!  I figured it would be a pretty normal week.  We had our groceries all bought, menu planned out.  


Tuesday my 1 year old grandson was admitted to ICU with pneumonia.  Hubby and I went up. We had to be back in order to take my son to the college for his senior presentations.  These started at 6 pm.  We did not get out of there until 9:30!  We ended up eating at IHOP.  Got home near 11 pm.

Wednesday, I dropped son off at college and went to hospital to be with daughter and grandson for a few hours then had to leave there to pick my son up from college and get home so he could change so I could take him to work.

Grandson was released from hospital late Wed. afternoon with meds to take and a follow up appt. for Thursday at 4.

Thursday I dropped son off at his car pool site then came home and went to bed.  At this point I needed some rest.  I got up about 11 and showered so I could leave the house at 11 to go pick him  up.  I had to get him early as I had a doc appt. scheduled at 4 pm with my doc in Eustis.   Within minutes of getting in the van to drive over contractions began.  By the time I was almost home I had had contractions every five min for two hours.  I called hubby to come home and drive me to doc as I was unsure what was going on.

They put me on a monitor and saw four contractions in 15 minutes.  Doc checked me and found no dialation so she scheduled an ultrasound for Friday.  On the way to the doc our daughter (oldest) called and she was on her way to the hospital b/c she woke up with a leg swelled and couldn't walk on it.  After getting home we find out they are admitting her and are sure she has a blood clot in her leg. She is 24 weeks pregnant so that adds to the issues.

Doc wanted a blood test done and ultrasound on Friday but by the time all the stuff was done at her office the places were closed but she assured me they would call me to schedule.  I got up at 8:30 am Friday and began calling them.  They couldn't find the order the doc had faxed.  Finally 45 min later I had an appt. scheduled for noon.  We also had to take the elderly lady's dog to the vet at 10!!!  UGH... so we made it to the ultrasound after having a flat tire on our van and having to take our friends car.  By the time I got out of the ultrasound it was way after one and hubby nor I had eaten at all.  We decided to do the blood test on Monday and go eat lunch before heading home to fix the tire on the van and head up to the hospital to see how our daughter was doing. 

At the ultrasound we found out our SON is doing great he is definitely a he!  We also found out he is over 3 pounds and is measuring two weeks earlier.  So, he with either come in early May or be a large baby like my other son was. 

We got home and tried fix a flat.  That seemed to do the trick.  Hubby went to return our friends car and pick her up a few items at the store.  It took him an hour and  half but I did take a nap.  We then headed to the hospital.  Our daughter was in quite a bit of pain and aggravated that she had to be there and not home taking care of her other kids.

We got home Friday night around 11.  I said to hubby "let's just stay home tomorrow.  I am beat."  He said "well, we need produce at the flea market but I guess it can wait."  Our daughter's hubby was supposed to visit Saturday with her kids so we planned on going back up on Sunday.

So..... we stayed home Saturday morning.  Headed to the flea mkt. for veggies.  At this point my doc has told me to take it easy so we took a wheel chair to minimize my walking.  We ended up hitting the flea market, a resale shop hoping to find pants for me, the maternity store, the shoe store and walmart.  While at Wal Mart daughter called all upset because hubby didn't come with kids.  We decided to go to movies we had planned on the day before.  While at movies she texted saying she was having more issues.  We got home about 10 and talked to her on the phone to get her a bit calmer.

Today we got up and ate breakfast and headed back up to the hospital (it's an hours drive) for a few hours and came back to drop son off at work! 

I am so sick of running but tomorrow I have to take son to college then go an hour away to get my blood test done.  It is an hour glucose test so it will be close to noon before I make it home.  IF I can I am going to nap!!!!

I feel like the last week has lasted forever. 

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