Monday, January 19, 2009

For Today

What would I like to accomplish today?

Well, I would like to finish my master bathroom.  Yesterday I finished under the counters and the closet.  Today it needs a good deep cleaning.  I would like to have my daughter help get the back screen porch back in order and cleaned up so as we get warmer days I can set out there and enjoy them.  There are two pieces of screen that need replacing thanks to grandchildren.  I think what we are going to do is put lattice around the bottom of the whole screen porch.  It is quite high in the air and they tend to try and lean against the screen and it is not a safe thing to do.   Once we get the screens replaced I think will will go around the entire thing with lattice to give it a bit more safety.  

I would also like to install a clothes line out there to hang towels and sheets from time to time.  I love the smell of line dried bedding and towels.  Not to mention it helps on our electric bill.  If hubby won't do lines maybe I will purchase a couple of those wooden clothes driers for out there.  
I also need to figure out how to pay for some of the things my son needs for his senior year.  We are so broke right now and he needs art supplies for a class that cost almost 70 bucks and he needs his cap and gown and graduation invites.   I am hoping we get our w2's soon and we can get at least some money back to help with these expenses.  I am not sure how all of that will work out this year.  

I also want to get at least two kitchen cupboards cleaned out today to made room for baby things that will be coming in the coming months.  

Kait is visiting this coming weekend with my wonderful grandson Colby.  By the weekend I want to have the safety latches installed on the kitchen cupboards.  I have had them over six months and hubby still hasn't installed them so I guess it isup to me.  I tend to end up with alot of the household projects b/c he never gets to them.  MEN!  

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