Monday, January 5, 2009

Coming out of the closet....

With out tripping is now much easier thanks to my weekend project of re-doing my closet in order to make room for baby.

No, we are not going to store him in there but we need room for all his "stuff".

My closet started out with one huge long shelf and a rod underneath when we first moved in.  About a year ago the rod collapsed as it was only plastic.  Hubby ripped out the shelves and I "redneckified" the closet.  I put double rods at each end.  I staggered mine so that my dresses could hang in the back but I could also have a lower rod.   I did hubby's end with one just above the other has he doesn't have long clothes to hang.  Then in the empty space on the wall when you open the door I had a huge six foot book case with all my books, mags, papers etc. stored. 

I unloaded the book case, pitched what I could and moved the book case to the foot of my bed.  We then purchased new shelves for that wall which I staggered for baby's stuff.  It gives me room for burp clothes, bibs, blankets, sheets and all his hanging clothes. 

Here are the updated pics:




Our ends of the closet:





So with the book case moved I adjusted the shelves so that I have room for a lamp and my Bible reading/study material.  Nice comfy place to study.



  1. Wow, working hard! Seems like that whole nesting thing is kicking in! :)

  2. Jennifer... when my daughter learned what I have been doing in the house she told me it is way too early for me to go into labor! LOL Today i did a TON of laundry ( scoured the kids room and did bedding)


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