Sunday, November 2, 2008

Off Bedrest but still not up to par

Doc took me off bedrest but told me to still take it easy as the sub chorionic bleed is still there but much smaller and shifted lower.  I have found I HAVE to take it easy as I tire quickly.  We are still up in arms about a boys name but in about 7 weeks I should have another ultrasound that will determine sex of the baby so we will know if we need a boys name or not.  Hubby is stuck on Olivia for a girl.  I like it so I am not complaining.  I personally like Madison or Madelyn to call her Maddie but he isn't keen on that.  So, if it's a girl it'll be Olivia Danae.

Boys names we are all over the place on.  Garrett, Gavin, Gage, Josiah (my fav), Isaiah, Jackson....  who knows where we will land or if we will have to.

The weather here has been absolutely wonderful.  Breezy and cooler.  I LOVE it.  Of course the snow birds that have already arrived are complaining that they didn't come to Florida for cool weather.  No, they came to Florida to drive slow and congest our roads...yup... that's what they are here for!  Sorry,  I get irritated with them.  The traffic gets so bad and they do not care if they are driving 30 in a 60.  They do not care that the people that live here year round have jobs to get to.  Appointments that need to be gotten to ON TIME.  Nope, they don't care.  They just like to put along and see what has changed since last year.  

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