Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am going to try and update here more often and get to the point where this is where I blog most of the time.  I have had my xanga for almost five years but it's time to move on.  Just wish I could figure out how to bring it over here.  My xanga is at 

I am feeling a bit better now that I am in the second trimester.  I am still a moody moody woman.  I guess being pregnant for the first time in 16 years will do that to a person.  I am trying to keep up with the college work, the house work and bills but my mind just seems so muffled. I guess that is how you would describe it.  I can't seem to concentrate anymore at all.

I found out last night my step daughter is pregnant with her fourth child.  This is not good blessed news that it should be.  Her husband does not treat her well at all.  He cheats on her all the time.  She left him last month and went with this other guy then got back with her hubby.  Needless to say this baby is not her husbands.  Such a mess these kids make of their lives these days.  No matter how much I talk and tell them they need God and he can fix all things they don't listen.  Who suffers for it... the children.  

They are all living here with us.  This house is small for the four of us and there are nine living here now... my nerves are shot.  I have to figure out how to feed us all on the small food budget we have.  Over the years I have gotten good at stretching things but this really takes the cake.  

Tomorrow hubby is taking me to the flea market.  We will go to the huge produce section to get our produce.  On most things we can do better there than anywhere else.  Today after I finish up some school work I will check the sales at all the local supermarkets to see what is on sale where.  I will then go through my coupons and see if there are any we can use.  The last couple weeks I have been shopping at the new local Aldis.  It is a discount grocery and you truly can save a good amount of money.  Butterball Turkeys are 8.99.  The turkeys are 11 pounds so that works out to .82 a pound which is great for down here. 

Well, I better get to work!

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  1. Go to the flea Market towards the end of it when they sell boxes of produce cheap,we never know what is in them but we use it all.


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