Sunday, August 7, 2011

What NOT To Buy At Save A Lot

Generally, I love the products offered at Save A Lot, a discount food chain found in many states.  Their canned vegetables are better than named brand.  I have found, however, one product to avoid.
My two year old is a picky eater.  I’m happy when I find things he likes to eat.  He LOVES french fries but I don’t like giving him them all the time.  Last week when I shopped at Save A Lot I found these:

They look pretty good, right?  Made from sweet potatoes so they should be a bit healthier and they are one of Save A Lot’s new $1.00 items, so not too expensive.  They are a smaller serving though but what do you expect for a buck.  I did not expect this:

Quite the contradiction from the pretty picture on the box.  I don’t think there is one normal sized fry in the box.  They should be called “bits and pieces”.  Needless to say I will not be purchasing these again. 

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