Monday, August 8, 2011

There’s A Mouse In The House

Last night I discovered someone from my hometown had created this great site on Facebook called “You know you’re from Canisteo When…”  It kept me up into the wee hours of the morning remembering with friends.  Such great memories of growing up in a very small town in Western New York State.

I finally went to bed a little after 2:30 in the a.m. While I had been on the computer I had Design Star on.  So, when I got into bed I HAD to turn on the last twenty minutes or so because it’s a crime if you don’t see the “after’s”.

I was lying there all comfy when what do I see… a mouse!  He scurried right past my bed and into the master bath!!  I literally screamed!!  I had to right?  There’s a law that says if a woman sees a mouse she MUST scream.  I’m not sure what the punishment is for not complying but I wasn’t going to take any chances.  I screamed a real good scream if I do say so myself.  It worked too because my hubby, who has a back injury, literally jumped out of bed!  (ok, that part wasn’t so good, thankfully he didn’t hurt himself any more than he already is).   After explaining why I had screamed and getting yelled at he went right into the bathroom to find the culprit. 

Only he couldn’t.

He wasn’t there.

Even though I hadn’t taken my eyes off the door.

He.  Was.  Gone.

Yup.  Not only do we have a mouse in the house but his name is Houdini.  There are absolutely no holes in the bathroom walls.   None.  There is no place he could have went.  But he was not there.

Hubby said while I was panicking I obviously had taken my eyes from the door and he was probably under our bed.   Well, thanks, honey, that is reassuring.

However, being the smart woman I am, I immediately seized upon this wonderful opportunity that Houdini had given me.

“I am definitely getting a cat.   Or two.”

Hubby has been fighting me on having a cat for the last couple years after our last cat disappeared never to be seen again.

Now I NEED a cat.  The house is big.  I NEED two cats.  They can patrol at opposite ends of the house.  Then, I can feel safe.

My husband didn’t say anything to my declaration about “needing” a cat, or two.  He might have resigned himself to the idea…

Thank you Houdini.  But, could you not come in my house again please.  I hear the neighbors have much more refined tastes then us.  We have Velveeta.  They eat brie. 

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  1. I hate mice! And boys and DH know to take care of those things right away! :)

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