Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Save On Shipping @ Nature’s Sunshine


Recently I have sent out e-cards and facebook updates to let every one know I am once again selling and using Nature’s Sunshine Products.  I have been exposed to and/or used these since high school as my dear friend’s mom, Anita Fryzel, has sold them  and used for 30+ years.  She is 78 so that must say something for the quality of the products sold. Smile

I want to post this as a tutorial of how to save on shipping.  Upon ordering my first order I mentioned to Dena, Anita’s daughter, that I found it odd that there was no cheaper shipping than 7.50.  UPS and USPS were the same.  She said “we only pay $4 for shipping.”  She proceeded to show me how to save on shipping my next order.

first scr sht nat sun

Once you have placed items in your cart @ you can click the link below the shipping drop down box that says VIEW OTHER SHIPPING METHODS.

second scr sht nat sun

You will then get the option for MAIL INNOVATIONS for only $4.00.  This may take a day or so longer but if you are in no hurry saving $3.50 on shipping is well worth it!

To answer another question:  JOINING NATURE’S SUNSHINE WHY WOULD I WANT TO?  Will be answered in a separate post.

Have a great day!Smile

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