Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Finally, my lil guy is sleeping.  After his big brother and his girlfriend left at 2:45 he laid right down and went to sleep.


If my mother were down here (she lives in New York state) she would be shaking her head and tsk tsking me and under her breath be muttering “that boy ain’t gonna sleep tonight”.

Just the thought of that makes me chuckle.

I’m so glad he is getting much needed rest.  He was up at five this a.m. and pretty much miserable until around noon.  Then he took a quick nap and got up and ate.

Check out this handsome blue-eyed boy that visited me the other day:


That is my grandson Jax for those of you that haven’t “met” him yet. 

Emily is off to her dad’s for a few days.  I think it’s the first time in years, at least it seems like it.  She is going to go to the beach and relax a bit before the craziness of her senior year starts.

It’s hard not to think of her as my baby because she has been my ‘baby’ for so long.  I still catch myself saying “my baby is going to be a senior” but with Aiden’s arrival I have a few years before that happens.  (unless, of couse, he turns out to be some brilliant child prodigy and graduates at 10 years old)

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