Wednesday, August 11, 2010

12 Days till College

I was thinking of the 12 days of Christmas song when I realized I only have 12 days left until I start classes again.  The last time I started classes, two years ago, I wasn’t at all nervous.  Now, I am a wee bit worried. 
Instead of going for the generic ‘business administration’ degree I had started to pursue I am going to school for a degree in Health Information Technology and Management.  I will learn a ton of stuff all medical related and that is what scares me.  All those medical terms flying at me. 
I also found out that I have to take two more college math classes even though they are not towards my degree.  They are required if you are on financial aid.  So, government, thanks for that.  I have to take EXTRA classes that you have to pay for… make a WHOOOOOLLLLLEEEE lotta sense. 
I am also nervous because, of all the time to have issues, my van is having issues now.  We have two vehicles we have to have fixed by the 23rd and zilch in the form of money to fix them. --- Deep breath. 
I have been taking many deep breaths the last week.  I keep reciting my husband’s favorite mantra “it’ll be a’ight'”  (ya, he’s a little bit southern).
I think I have finally gotten my schedule set up fairly well.  I will only need a sitter two days a week and that will be for only about an hour and a half until hubby gets home from work.  If they let him switch to hourly I will only need a sitter 1 day a week.  Next semester, if my wonderful, lovely, beautiful, caring daughter (yup..I know she’s reading this and that kind of thing works on us parents so I’m going to try it) is not working maybe I will be able to pile all my classes into one long day and she can babysit her brother since she doesn’t live far from the college.  I had thought I might be able to do that this semester since my husband doesn’t work Friday’s and the school offers Saturday classes but the program I am going for offers NO classes on Fridays OR Saturdays!  (I do have one Saturday class and it’s algebra…yikes.  I knew better than to think I could teach myself that stuff!)
So, for the next 12 days I am going to be doing things around here to try and get my house and my mind in study mode.  I have set up an area for Emily and I to study.  Here are some pics.  Generally Emily’s laptop is at the other end of the table but she is visiting her dad for a few days. 

(yes, I’m addicted to lamps.  I like a lot of light)

This area in our house in the realtors mind is a “dining room”.  Uh no… there is just too much carpet under my feet for that to be an area for dining.  We eat in the breakfast area on our other table.  This has become our ‘study’.  It will work wonderful for me as I can be out here studying and keeping an eye on my wonderful son who can climb anywhere now.
Other goals:
  • Have my menu plan and shopping lists ready for the next month.
  • Have laundry done and put up.  A load a day keeps mount washmore away.
  • Take out all Aiden’s clothes and sort and put back in by outfits (this is for daddy’s benefit) – I need to do this anyways, the child has grown 1 3/4 inches in a month!!
  • Get a daily schedule figured out.
I’m sure there will be more I need to get done before then but those are the main ones.

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