Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Blog and College Update

Today I took my CPT (College Placement Test) which was requried for me to register for classes. I only had to take the Reading Comprehension and Sentence Structure. I scored a 99 and a 89. No worries there. Now after a 24 hour wait for them to go into the computer I can then register for classes. If they aren't all full!

The process of getting into college is much more difficult that the classes once you finally get to that point!

I started another blog last week that some of my readers might be interested in. It's called Chapter Tag. It's basically a game of tag played with the written word.

I wrote chapter one and posted it. From the commentors a random person will be chosen to write chapter two...and take the story and characters where he or she wants. The rules are listed on the site. Chapter Tag under the rules tag. Since we are just getting started and commenting is slow b/c people are being SHY out there I am going to leave the comments open for more than 24 hours. Also to those I talked to before I changed 24 hour turn around for writing to 48. I am open to suggestions and would love to hear your comments about my new blog! Please do not be afraid to comment with ideas on the story either. If you read the rules you will see there is an "out" if your hands are truly shaking to hard to type the next chapter!

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