Thursday, May 20, 2010


My new home is finally feeling like home.  Don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t hung my pictures on my walls.  Don’t ask me why, it might be the fact that when we moved there were seven billion holes to be filled in the walls at the old place.  Maybe I’ll hang one picture hanger in the wall and change the picture once a week.  Now there’s a thought. 

I really do like it here.  The larger windows make this place much brighter than our old house and hence quite a bit more cheerful. 

We have only one neighbor and in the last two months I can count on one hand how many times we have saw her.  It is quiet out here.  VERY quiet.  At night the whippoorwills begin their song and it’s so nice to listen to,  then once the sun falls the frogs from a nearby small lake start in.  I have even seen lightening bugs!  A rare thing to see here in FL.

Having more room is also a blessing…and a curse.  More room with a child that crawls faster than we can get up and run is certainly a challenge.  He is now starting to walk so that challenge will soon be even more fun. 

I so love my new kitchen.  Even though it is a small kitchen (but not as small as my tiny galley kitchen in the old place) the lay out is nice and there is enough room in the middle for my small island that is on wheels to go to give me extra prep space. 

My laundry room is large enough that I have room to put a large book shelf in there to house my cookbooks, larger Tupperware, large bowls and many larger kitchen appliances.

We have a two car garage storage room.  It still has unpacked boxes I need to go through but the Florida heat has arrived and I’m not quite sure when I will actually DO that.

My goal for this coming weekend:  hang pictures, hang some shelves, organize my desk area, menu plan for the next week.  Another thing we have to do this weekend:  figure out if it’s Peter’s week to get paid and Paul’s week to be robbed or vice versa.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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This is the first week I am participating in this and look forward to making new bloggie friends. So far while surfing new blogs the last few months I have found great money saving ideas, awesome recipes, and all kinds of tips and tricks! Can't wait to find more!


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

On My Nightstand

Finally, after like 18 years, I am reading book 2 of the Outlander series. I read book one when I was pregnant with my son, he is now 19. Then the other book was still in progress. By the time I got it I knew I would have to re-read the first but I hate re-reading a book. Well, after twenty years, I re-read it and it was like reading it for the first time because I am old and don't remember much! LOL So, now I am on book two. Now there series is up to seven. I have the first four.

My goal is to complete all seven by the end of the year which will be easy if I can get them all. I read Outlander (book 1) the first time in one day. This last time took me just over a week.

If you have not read this series take time to check it out. You will love it. (give Outlander about three chapters...that is when it grabs you and you can't put it down)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pampers… such a disappointment.

So, last week I was fighting a battle against a severely red bum on my son. The red bum was winning.  I literally went through a whole tube of A&D in two days!  My son (for those new to my blog) is 11 months old.  He has never had so much as a pimple on his tush.  My oldest daughter, (now 21), used to get bad rashes if she ate anything tomato based.  By day three of the issue I was racking my brain to think of what he had been fed the last few days.  I came up empty.  He had had nothing different in over a week. 

On the fourth night we were watching the 11 o’clock news and saw a promo for what was coming up next.. it said “Dangerous Diapers?”  So, since I was impatient I googled Pampers and found a plethora of stories about people complaining about the new DryMax Pamper causing rashes, blisters and chemical burns.  This is where a light bulb went off.  My son’s red bum really couldn’t be called a rash, it did look like a burn and guess what.  The day before the rash started… I used my first Pampers with the new “drymax technology”.  

If you have heard about the complaints and issue here is a link that tells a bit of what is going on.  News Story

One story I found referred to a Facebook page with complaints.  I could not find the page referred to but did find Pampers Official Facebook Page  There I read their denial that the diapers are causing issues.  I also found page after page after page of complaints from parents.  I admit, I added mine, not that I have heard from them.  In the first story I linked to above a Pampers reps make the following statements:

    "It doesn't make any scientific sense whatsoever," she said. "The research does not support it and the product has really been shown to be safe. It's not new. It's just put together in a different way. It doesn't make any rational sense that the diaper itself could be causing any kind of chemical burn." Loiselle is also identified as a clinical instructor at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Jodi Allen, Pampers General Manager for North America, took aim at the anti-dry Max movement. "It's been fueled by social media. And I can tell you, that Pampers with Dry Max are safe, and those rumors are absolutely false," Allen said.”

Well, I am not a scientist but I know the diapers caused my son’s red bum.  That night after the news I lifted him from his crib and changed him while he was still asleep.  I had some cheap diapers in the closet that had been given to me before Aiden was born.  They were Playskool brand sold at CVS.  I put one on him.  I did not add any A&D.  By morning his bum looks sooo much better.   The bright red raised area was now a light pink.  Three diapers later absolutely no rash was left.

Mom’s know their children.  Pampers… listen to the moms and dad’s of the world.  How dare you dismiss not just hundreds but thousands of complaints.  WE are the ultimate scientists…if we tell you your diapers are making our children’s bums sore…. they are.  In the long run the drop in sales should get you right where it hurts, in the wallet you carry close to your bums.

Tomorrow I will be buying Huggies.  I will NOT buy Pampers again until they are converted back to before DryMax state.   I have used Pampers for 11 months and until now you have served me well…. but my son’s bum says no more!

If you would like to file a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission here is the link: CLICK HERE

I filed mine tonight.

Free Tatters....

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

With an Uncle Like Sam…..

Well, I have spent the last couple of weeks redoing my blog.  Tweaking themes and moving things around.  It’s still a work in progress and the process is slower than I had wanted as my little helper has learned to walk and is into everything!

Today I opened my mailbox to find a thick envelope from the IRS.  Just seeing IRS on the return address of something in your mailbox is enough to give you a minor heart attack.  What was in the envelope didn’t give me a major heart attack but did confuse us majorly.  They are saying our 2008 return was incorrect because we failed to report $900 of income.  Immediately I began thinking that maybe one of our companies made a mistake on one of our W-2’s because we have claimed what was on those.  It stated for further details see page 7.  On page 7 I got more confused.  I stated that a debt had been forgiven (for my husband) from a bank that we do not deal with.  (we have been together 10 years and never dealt with them).  

I called hubby at work to ask if he had an account there previously.  He said no.  Awhile later he called and said that he had an account there way back in the 70’s but nothing since then.  If he had owed them money they should have been sending bills?  Shouldn’t something have been on his credit report about the debt?   So, tomorrow we will be calling them to find out what in the world is going on.

A friend on facebook stated tonight that he is in the middle of an audit and that the IRS has far too much power.  I am beginning to think so too… I was surprised that this letter came direct to my home.  My NEW home… the one we have been in not quite two months…. I haven’t even filed a tax return with this new address on it and THEY KNOW WHERE I LIVE! 

Other updates from the last couple of weeks:

We have saw some more neighbors:   there was a large black bear at the school bus stop one morning and the next day we saw a good sized bobcat one road over.  Not too sure that I care for these neighbors.

Hell… errr… ok… summer seems to have arrived in FL.  We have figured out quite quickly that there seems to be an issue with the air ducts to the master bedroom.  Our bedroom is closest to the air handler and closest to the air conditioner and should therefore be the coolest room in the house… it is not.   So, the land lord is working on getting someone out here to check it out so our electric bill isn’t too bad.  (I know it will be bad.  We are in FL after all)

I will try and blog more regularly now… and my goal is to get all of my kids in the photostream at the top of my blog.

Tomorrow’s post… my rant on the Pampers issue.

Gone Far Too Long

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