Thursday, May 20, 2010


My new home is finally feeling like home.  Don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t hung my pictures on my walls.  Don’t ask me why, it might be the fact that when we moved there were seven billion holes to be filled in the walls at the old place.  Maybe I’ll hang one picture hanger in the wall and change the picture once a week.  Now there’s a thought. 

I really do like it here.  The larger windows make this place much brighter than our old house and hence quite a bit more cheerful. 

We have only one neighbor and in the last two months I can count on one hand how many times we have saw her.  It is quiet out here.  VERY quiet.  At night the whippoorwills begin their song and it’s so nice to listen to,  then once the sun falls the frogs from a nearby small lake start in.  I have even seen lightening bugs!  A rare thing to see here in FL.

Having more room is also a blessing…and a curse.  More room with a child that crawls faster than we can get up and run is certainly a challenge.  He is now starting to walk so that challenge will soon be even more fun. 

I so love my new kitchen.  Even though it is a small kitchen (but not as small as my tiny galley kitchen in the old place) the lay out is nice and there is enough room in the middle for my small island that is on wheels to go to give me extra prep space. 

My laundry room is large enough that I have room to put a large book shelf in there to house my cookbooks, larger Tupperware, large bowls and many larger kitchen appliances.

We have a two car garage storage room.  It still has unpacked boxes I need to go through but the Florida heat has arrived and I’m not quite sure when I will actually DO that.

My goal for this coming weekend:  hang pictures, hang some shelves, organize my desk area, menu plan for the next week.  Another thing we have to do this weekend:  figure out if it’s Peter’s week to get paid and Paul’s week to be robbed or vice versa. 

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