Thursday, May 6, 2010

With an Uncle Like Sam…..

Well, I have spent the last couple of weeks redoing my blog.  Tweaking themes and moving things around.  It’s still a work in progress and the process is slower than I had wanted as my little helper has learned to walk and is into everything!

Today I opened my mailbox to find a thick envelope from the IRS.  Just seeing IRS on the return address of something in your mailbox is enough to give you a minor heart attack.  What was in the envelope didn’t give me a major heart attack but did confuse us majorly.  They are saying our 2008 return was incorrect because we failed to report $900 of income.  Immediately I began thinking that maybe one of our companies made a mistake on one of our W-2’s because we have claimed what was on those.  It stated for further details see page 7.  On page 7 I got more confused.  I stated that a debt had been forgiven (for my husband) from a bank that we do not deal with.  (we have been together 10 years and never dealt with them).  

I called hubby at work to ask if he had an account there previously.  He said no.  Awhile later he called and said that he had an account there way back in the 70’s but nothing since then.  If he had owed them money they should have been sending bills?  Shouldn’t something have been on his credit report about the debt?   So, tomorrow we will be calling them to find out what in the world is going on.

A friend on facebook stated tonight that he is in the middle of an audit and that the IRS has far too much power.  I am beginning to think so too… I was surprised that this letter came direct to my home.  My NEW home… the one we have been in not quite two months…. I haven’t even filed a tax return with this new address on it and THEY KNOW WHERE I LIVE! 

Other updates from the last couple of weeks:

We have saw some more neighbors:   there was a large black bear at the school bus stop one morning and the next day we saw a good sized bobcat one road over.  Not too sure that I care for these neighbors.

Hell… errr… ok… summer seems to have arrived in FL.  We have figured out quite quickly that there seems to be an issue with the air ducts to the master bedroom.  Our bedroom is closest to the air handler and closest to the air conditioner and should therefore be the coolest room in the house… it is not.   So, the land lord is working on getting someone out here to check it out so our electric bill isn’t too bad.  (I know it will be bad.  We are in FL after all)

I will try and blog more regularly now… and my goal is to get all of my kids in the photostream at the top of my blog.

Tomorrow’s post… my rant on the Pampers issue.


  1. (Matthew 22:21) “Pay back, therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.”

    And Big Brother is watching you to make sure Caesar doesn't miss out on a single penny.

  2. Next thing you know you'll be getting phone calls from the IRS originating from inside your house!!!


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