Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tide Stain Release Review

First let me say that I have not been paid for my review or received free product for sampling for this review.

Someone that works with my son told him about Tide's stain release and that it will help with well water issues.  I bought some when I saw it on sale for half price @ our local Winn Dixie a couple weeks ago and had a coupon.  It was still a bit on the expensive side however, I have found it to be worth it!

My baby has one of those jumperoos he plays in frequently. The cloth in front of where he sets is a bright yellow but it quickly became "brown" when he started using it and drooling etc. all over it.  I have washed it several times, pre-treating it with spot removers to no avail.  The other night I decided to pre-treat as usual AND ad some of the Tide stain release.  Amazing!  It looks brand new!!  This will be something that I keep an eye out for sales.  I don't use it with every load of clothes just those that would need some extra help.  If you do decide to try it make sure you read the label as it does say not to mix with other bleach type products.

I bought the liquid as at the time that was what the best deal was on.

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  1. I agree, that stuff works great! But I also like regular old powder tide made into a paste. It works really well!


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