Tuesday, August 11, 2009


After watching a recent commercial I sat quietly with a perplexed look on my face.  I know I'm old but I didn't get it.  My son did have MTV on so maybe that's why I'm not "getting" it.  So, I turned and looked at him, only to find the same perplexed look on his face.  He was actually staring at the television like at any moment a voice over would come on and explain what we watched.


"What was that commercial for?" I asked (stupidly, I admit, because from the look on his face I knew the answer)

"I dunno" he replied.


People... I don't get it!  Who are the morons making these ads?  Who are the morons paying the lower morons to put out ads so dumb you have no idea what they are for or how the commercial relates to the product?


Cases in point:

Dell computer laptops... a factory with the song lollipop lollipop oooo lolli lollipop... cute catchy tune I just don't get it.


The stupid, idiotic commercial with the band of money with eyes "following" people around.  First the people just look at it... I, for one, would snap me up the moo-lah if it was just setting there and secondly... it's just plain DUMB!  When I saw the first one I remember thinking... well the dude that made that thing up is going to get fired!  But nooooo he probably got a big fat bonus because there are many of those DUMB commercials out there now.  For goodness sake, stick with the talking lizard...at least it has legs and you could explain him "following" you.


So, what commercials irk you the most?  If dumb ideas are for sale I have plenty I'd be willing to part with for cheap... let me know.


I still have no idea what the commercial was for we watched earlier.  I could rewind the dvr but hey, I have the dvr to have the ability to skip the commercials.  They make my brain hurt sometimes. 

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