Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Tired Mama

Unlike the song by Trace Atkins I am not "one hot mama" (well in the sense of literal heat... I am b/c it's hell season here in FL) but I am truly "one tired mama". Aiden sleeps through the night which should be great, except his idea of bed time is sometime between 1:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. Once he is down he stays asleep till around 8 usually.

I am not quite back up to my normal self and am still anemic. That adds to my exhaustion. I can not wait until Aiden and I figure out some kind of rhythm and get some kind of schedule down that works for both of us.

Breast feeding is going well. It was off to a rough start the first couple of days but once he got the hang of it he does great. I am now remembering how time consuming breast feeding is. ALL feedings are up to me and it forces a new mom to slow down, relax and enjoy the baby. This is a good thing. My husband, whose two children from his first marriage were not breast fed did as me a curious question last night. He asked "so, how long does one do this?" I told him it depends on the mom some do it for a couple years, some for a year, some for a few months. He said "well, how long do YOU do this?" I told him it was different with all three of my kids b/c they were all different. With the first it was about six months. With Lew it was only about three b/c I couldn't keep up with his demand and with Emma it was only about three months because with two other toddlers in the house setting to feed her was near impossible. I asked him why he asked that question and he said "just wondering is all" make me wonder WHY he is wondering. If maybe he is having some jealousy of the bond formed between mom and and breast feeding baby.... maybe I'll incorporate a nightly bottle feeding that can be all his...


  1. Glad things seem to be going well! I only breastfed my oldest for about 3 months.

  2. Thanks for the homeschool advice !!!! Glad to hear you guys are doing well!!!!!


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