Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

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My old man isn't snoring.  :)

He was rained out yesterday only got 2 hours rain time paid.  Today he might get a couple of hours work in before he gets rained out again.  He is working a bit further south from where we live and there is a bit of a break in the rain down there.  Here it is still pouring rain.  We have a flood watch and an additional 4-6 inches of rain expected.  We have needed rain for so long.  It's been so dry and living where we do in the Ocala National Forest when it gets so dry there is such a high danger of forest fires.     

I have a doc appointment in the morning with my regular doctor.  I had my daughter take some belly pictures to show just how big this baby is!  Technically I have only gained four pounds since I lost quite a few due to lack of appetite.  DSC06679       DSC06682


  1. hi, just checking in as im sure you had your bub already... hope everything went well and you and bub are doing great... i think you have seen our new addition and thanks to Jehovah God, everything is doing well and everyone is coping with the new bub and she is just a good baby and sleeps most day and night... would love to hear from you and the bub soon. take care - Jigi

  2. You look great! We were just up in the forest, in Salt Springs last weekend!


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