Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

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My old man isn't snoring.  :)

He was rained out yesterday only got 2 hours rain time paid.  Today he might get a couple of hours work in before he gets rained out again.  He is working a bit further south from where we live and there is a bit of a break in the rain down there.  Here it is still pouring rain.  We have a flood watch and an additional 4-6 inches of rain expected.  We have needed rain for so long.  It's been so dry and living where we do in the Ocala National Forest when it gets so dry there is such a high danger of forest fires.     

I have a doc appointment in the morning with my regular doctor.  I had my daughter take some belly pictures to show just how big this baby is!  Technically I have only gained four pounds since I lost quite a few due to lack of appetite.  DSC06679       DSC06682

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Update

Still no baby.... not even many contractions today. I am just feeling VERY ...what's the word... I guess awkward would cover it. My belly is out so far it hits the counters and stove when I try to cook. Getting up and down is a chore and rolling over... ha.. that's a joke!

Going to get another belly pic for family that is out of town and want to see how much more I have grown in five weeks...

I did manage to get an appt. on Thurs. with my regular doc hopefully she will do something..whether it be to induce me or schedule the c section.

What a Monday!!!!


Started off leaving house at 7:40 for my appt at the doc's office to see the GYN there.  Contractions were at about 5 min apart and hurting.  Got there they put me on the monitor.  They were all shocked that I hadn't delivered over the weekend.  She checked me and I was still at one and she said "i can not believe with all the contractions you are having you are still at one!"

She decided to call Dr. Pillow which is the one on call and see if he would schedule a c section for the next day (now today).  He asked for me to come to his office to be evaluated.  He did the same stuff including another internal and P test.  He said he thought I had a bladder infection and that was why I was in pain.  I think he was shying away from doing the c section due to my medical directive but of course I can not be sure of this...he may have just had a golf game planned for today.  So, he prescribed an antibiotic and told me to go back to labor and delivery at 2 pm to be reevaluated and see if I dilated anymore.

This was @ 11 a.m.  So we walked around wally world till my prescription was ready (an hour and a half if you can believe it!!) then grabbed a sub for lunch and killed the next hour visiting with Hullon's brother and his wife. (she is designing our nieces wedding cake for next month so she welcomed the break).  We went in at 2 and they hooked me to the monitors.  The contractions were closer and stronger.

Hullon and Lew took off to find a drink which took them 45 minutes. (i was not too happy about that).  In that 45 min. they did a quick ultrasound and found Aiden's head is not resting on my right hip (which explains the pain there when I tried to lay on that side yesterday).  So,they had doc Manos which is the one with no bedside manner come in to verify since he was in the next room with a regular patient of his.  He check said "yup that's a head"...  I asked him "since his head is in the right direction can you PLEASE induce me before he decides to flip again.  I really do NOT want a c section."   He actually grinned (didn't know he had it in him) and said "I don't see why we couldn't try starting some pit and just see what happens but I have to verify with Pillow as he is on call".   Since I am writing this you know what the valuable Dr. Pillow said... so, with my contractions at four minutes apart they sent me home. (since they had me off the contraction monitor for 30 min after the ultrasound and then said -- o you are not contracting even though they had put me back on for 15 min and saw them every 4 min... ugh)  They also informed me before I left that Dr. Pillow had been wrong and I DID NOT have a bladder infection but to take ONE MORE dose of the antibiotic and then quit!  Now, why would I need just one more dose..????  UGH.

We walked at Big Lots for a bit close to the hospital just to make sure they didn't get any closer then got home around 6 or so.  Contractions lasted a few more hours and I was asleep by about 11:30.  I never even woke up last night to P or even turned over!  I guess I was totally exhausted. 

I am calling my doc's office this a.m. to let them know I didn't get scheduled and to see if they will squeeze me in with her on Thurs. a.m. (she is due back Thurs according to her voice mail).  Not sure if she will try to induce or just do a c section... who knows how BIG Aiden is by now!  I know I feel like a whale now!  I am hoping that he will drop the rest of the way down and things will kick into high gear...

Just figured I'd give you the full update.

Monday, May 18, 2009


DSC06656 My youngest daughter received her first paycheck last week and look what she brought me!  Isn't it nice that she thought of her mother?  I took photos of my beautiful roses to preserve them forever!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


There are plenty of ppl stopping by my blog. Many are hopping to other posts to read more... but hardly anyone is taking a few seconds to comment.

If I read a blog post I generally try to leave a bit of feed back. Even if I am in a hurry and just say "thanks, I enjoyed the post"....

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So.... my unemployment has run out... my son will be graduating and we will loose the money from his father's disability for him next month. Things are getting tighter and tighter. We have never really sat down and made a budget. Sad, I know, we have been married 8 years! My husband is HORRIBLE (yes it deserves the caps) with money. He thinks nothing of going and grabbing a breakfast sandwich when I packed him something to eat for his breakfast. It would KILL him to get up a half an hour or so early and eat here. He is a night owl and stays up so late then drags himself out of bed in the a.m. He thinks nothing of stopping at a mini-mart and grabbing a 1.49 bottle of soda when I have put cans in his lunch. These things add up so much and you just can not get him to see this.

So, I bought the book America's Cheapest Family and have been reading and and learning how to budget. 'Bout time since I am 40 years old! I know this is going to be difficult and I know there are arguments with hubby to come over this but it has to be done. We CAN live on what he makes but every penny has to be accounted for. No more eating out just because, no more grabbing things left and right because he wants them. He has to be helpful and plan ahead with me. Getting up a bit early to eat in the morning wouldn't be a bad thing. It would be nice to enjoy that time together, maybe do our daily text together.

So, do you have a family budget? Are you able to stick to it and what methods work best for your family?

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