Sunday, May 3, 2009


So.... my unemployment has run out... my son will be graduating and we will loose the money from his father's disability for him next month. Things are getting tighter and tighter. We have never really sat down and made a budget. Sad, I know, we have been married 8 years! My husband is HORRIBLE (yes it deserves the caps) with money. He thinks nothing of going and grabbing a breakfast sandwich when I packed him something to eat for his breakfast. It would KILL him to get up a half an hour or so early and eat here. He is a night owl and stays up so late then drags himself out of bed in the a.m. He thinks nothing of stopping at a mini-mart and grabbing a 1.49 bottle of soda when I have put cans in his lunch. These things add up so much and you just can not get him to see this.

So, I bought the book America's Cheapest Family and have been reading and and learning how to budget. 'Bout time since I am 40 years old! I know this is going to be difficult and I know there are arguments with hubby to come over this but it has to be done. We CAN live on what he makes but every penny has to be accounted for. No more eating out just because, no more grabbing things left and right because he wants them. He has to be helpful and plan ahead with me. Getting up a bit early to eat in the morning wouldn't be a bad thing. It would be nice to enjoy that time together, maybe do our daily text together.

So, do you have a family budget? Are you able to stick to it and what methods work best for your family?

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