Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I am such a bad mother

I’ll admit it.  I am a horrible mother.  I have always made my children mind.  They have always had rules to follow.  I have never let them run the streets.  I make them do school work.  I am the worst!

I am reminded of this on a regular basis.  Today, for instance, my 18 year old son asked to go to a friends house and stay tonight and sleep over in order to ride in to classes tomorrow a.m.  First he made it like it was being done to help me out so I can sleep in.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to sleep in.  Sleep in this last month of pregnancy is a wonderful, wonderful thing. However, then he told me he wanted to stay over at Laura’s house.  Now, I have only met Laura at the van one day when I was dropping off Lew… this is Laura, Laura this is my mom.  I have no idea what her last name is, I have no idea who her parents are and at this point I am wondering “does she have parents”.  I would never let a guy stay over at the house as a friend of one of my daughters.  I would never let my daughter go stay at a guys house.  Why would it be ok for my son to do so? 

He truly does not understand.  He looks at me like I have two heads.  I have been asked “why don’t you  let me do anything, I’m 18”  Oh, the magic number of I’m 18 and I can do ANYTHING!  We have had this conversation many times.  With him and his older brother and  sisters.  It’s all about “the roof”.  He is under our roof…he is under our rules. 

My 16 year old daughter this week wants to have her boyfriend, who we have not met, pick her up here at the house and go off to the fair with him.  Do I look NUTS?  Do I look like I have lost my mind in my old age? (not that 40 is old) 

Just now, as I am typing this, the 16 year old calls and asks.  “can you pick us up at school?”  (I know she is at least talking about her and her friend Taylor)  When I asked why they needed a ride (usually it’s an FFA meeting they forgot to tell me about) I find out that another friend that practically lives with Taylor named Nicole, was trying to get on the bus with them and they wouldn’t allow her on.  Sorry people, this is NOT my responsibility.  I have enough children to take care of.  I do enough running for my own children.  This girl has been told MANY MANY MANY times that she is NOT allowed on another bus besides the one that goes to her OWN home.  If she is going to live with Taylor’s family (which basically she is) then her address and guardians need to be changed. 

So, I am living in the dark ages people.  I still believe parents should take responsibility for their OWN children.  I believe it is MY responsibility to try and watch out for and protect MY children to the best of my ability.  Even if they are the ripe old age of 18. 

Am I alone in the dark ages?

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