Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grandson’s Health

My grandson has been having breathing issues for several months.  Two bouts of pneumonia, several colds, etc.  When I drove my daughter and grandson to a follow up appointment last month I made a point to ask the doctor “are you sure he doesn’t have asthma.  His mother had it quite bad as a child”.  He gave me the answer that even though he seemed to have one problem after another it didn’t mean he had asthma.


Today he started having breathing issues again.  She took him to shands… after many tests his diagnosis:  an asthma attack.  He also had a bad diaper rash and my daughter couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get rid of it.  I told her more than likely it was a yeast infection… I was also correct on that.  If only I could write prescriptions!  :)


I felt so bad for my grandson last night.  He is cutting a tooth and got an upset tummy and was up most of the night.  When I got up this morning I woke to him by my bed smiling from ear to ear.  He went out to the living room with his dad.  When I went out I said “are you feeling better?”   He smiled and said “yea!”  He doesn’t say much but when he does he tends to make you feel better.  :)


It was hot and muggy today but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow then get a cold front.  :)  High’s Tues. around 60~~!!!  :)  So excited.  I won’t have to run my air for a couple days and it will be nice to hang clothes out. 


Well, I am going to get some sleep.  Have to drive my son to school in the a.m.  He is feeling much better.  His back just needed a few days of rest. 

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