Monday, February 2, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays... worked for me

It was a cool rainy day today.  I laid back down after dropping Lew at the college.  I was planning on only laying back down for an hour but I didn't wake up until 11:45!  I still accomplished quite a bit today though. 

I am now on my fourth load of laundry.  I only have to strip the crib and wash that bedding.  My grandson slept in it this weekend and had a cold so I'll get it all ready for next time he is here.  :)

I have most of the paperwork together to mail to Social Secuirty tomorrow.  I just have to make copies of it all.  That will take a bit but thankfully I just got a new ink cartridge so I am set.

I also made a big pot of home made chicken noodle soup today.  It was so good!  It was a perfect day for soup.

Hubby got rained out and was home about 1:30.  He took a nap for awhile and got up about 4.  We ran and picked Em up from the bus and went to the hardware store.  My daughter gave me an organizer thing that hangs over the crib rail or on a wall that holds diapers, wipes and lotions.  I love it but the way my crib is I couldn't hang it on there.  We went and picked up four screws and some washers and secured it to the wall at the end of the changing table.  It will work out perfect there.  It had two little hooks to secure it with but I fixed that! We screwed it directly to the wall with four screws so I won't have to worry about it falling.

Baby changing area 001

Last week a girl from Kingdom Hall gave me four bags of newborn diapers so it's all loaded and ready to go. 

Baby changing area 003


The door next to the changing table leads to the master bath.  I have put on it a shoe bag.  You know, the ones with all the clear pockets.  It is for all the odds and ends for baby.  Socks, powder, meds, etc.

Baby changing area 005

Baby changing area 007

The labels are for others in the family... and probably for me too since lack of sleep will probably lead to major memory loss.

Baby changing area 012

So, for now, I feel all proud of myself and organized.  Ask me in four months if I am organized.  Na, don't, I won't want to answer it.


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