Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I finally got it.

Unfortunately it's not something I wanted.  After two weeks of the kids being sick I finally caught it.  I have the head cold and sore throat.

Yesterday I took the elderly lady we help care for to her dentist appointment.  She is 81 and is really getting to the point where she is losing it.  She wanted to go to dinner afterwards at Red Lobster so we went.   When the waitress placed her salad in front of he she snapped at her "can't you cut it up for me?".  I told the waitress to go ahead and leave and I would take care of cutting her food.  Makes me wonder who cuts it for her at home!  Today she called to tell me the dentist owes her 700 bucks because she never did anything to her tooth.  I explained to her that she did a root canal a few months ago and this was just a follow up and the money she paid her a few months ago was for the root canal. 

Today I went and helped another friend get her internet email set up.  She changed providers and the new one just left her hanging.  Her and her hubby have only been "online" about a year and are still quite a bit clueless when it comes to certain things.  I got that all set up for her.  After I finished that I had to come back and pick up Lew and take him into work.  He will work until 10 tonight.

Tomorrow Emily goes on a field trip to MOSI (Museum of  Science and Industry) in Tampa.  this is what she will be seeing

I made a quick easy dinner tonight of sausage gravy and biscuits.  We like to have breakfast for dinner once in awhile.  Usually it's pancakes though but tonight biscuits and gravy just hit the spot.

The baby has been very active today.  I drove Lew to his drop off point this a.m. about forty minutes there and back and the whole time he was kicking and rolling.  He is awake now nudging me.  Letting me know he is in there growing like a week.  I just seem to be growing bigger over night.  This Sunday I will be in my third trimester.  That is so hard to believe. 

Finances are about to get very tight and tough and with a new baby it will make it even worse but we will get by.  I might have to cut the cable down to next to nothing, cut back the speed on the net, and we will definitely be cutting our dining out and groceries down to next to nothing.  We will plug away somehow.  We always do.


My friend is planning a baby shower and I look forward to it and to see what nice gifts we get.  She said I have bought too much and left nothing for others.  We knew that my unemployment would be running out so we got what we could when we could.  There is still plenty I will need.  I told her today even if everyone buys me only diapers it will be a blessing and a help! 

Well, I am going to go make something to hopefully soothe my throat.  I just can not decide if I want something hot or cold.  Maybe I'll freeze it first then chase it with a hot chocolate.  :)

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